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i hate boys.

sometimes i hate boys. last night i hated my boy. aka mr. hutch.

i’ve been training for this half marathon on saturday. and by training i mean over eating, choosing social activities over running, and then when i do run, nearly dying while whining every step of the way. (if you want a more detailed copy of this training program – don’t hesitate to ask.)

anyways- back to my i hate boys statement. last night, in a last ditch effort to train for this thing,  i planned to run ten miles.

mr. hutch, out of no where, announced he was going to run with me.

(snicker snicker – he can’t run that far! he hates running. he has bad knees! he has never run more than a couple of miles! evil laugh, evil laugh.)

ok mr. hutch, sure! but don’t expect me to find you a way home when you collapse at mile four.

so we ran.

and he didn’t collapse at mile four.

and dammit that boy ran all ten miles!!!

i’m blaming the male species for some weird ability to quote all movie lines and to be so naturally athletic. i’ve been working hard (see above) to build up to ten miles and this boy just decides out of nowhere to run and he did it.

a few minutes after we finished our ten miles, he started limping around like an old man, so i guess that made me feel a little bit better….

disclaimer. i do not hate my boy. i love him a lot. but i hate that he can just up and run ten miles. i really do.


rain, rain – here to stay…

so if you live in denver you might be bummed. seeing as it rains ALL the time. i’ve always wanted to live in seattle – but after our daily raining here, i’m second guessing that. i also think denver needs to change its marketing campaign from “300 days a year of sunshine” to “the new seattle.”

in case you can’t tell – it’s pouring!

you shouldn’t be mad about the rain tho. it’s for me. a special little gift.

first – the hubster is gone. (obvi – i’ve only mention it like every post!) and i don’t know how to water the yard without breaking the sprinkler system. so i need it to rain everyday so EVERYTHING doesn’t die. seeing as some of it already has since my big gardening expenditure. dear god – thank you for watering my grass and flowers and not letting me waste all my money at home depot on the flowers that i bought.

second – it rains everyday so that i can’t go for a run. this way, i can’t train for my half marathon! which means i get to walk/crawl/float down a nearby river for 13.1 miles instead. it’s wonderful. every morning i think i should run since i won’t be able to run after work ’cause it will be raining. and every morning i don’t. so then every evening when it’s raining i think – bummer! i should have run this morning… oh well. tomorrow! i’m sure if i was a real runner i would run in the rain. but i’m not. i’m a fake runner. dear god – thank you for the rain so i don’t get vain from getting really skinny from training for my half marathon. thank you for keeping my humility in check!!

third – rain makes me want to curl up and drink wine and read books and not be productive around the house. so tho i don’t need ANY inspiration in this particular area since i’m already very good at the above named activities, it’s nice to feel justified in the above named activities every now and then. dear god – thank you for not making me very hard-working/self-motivated and content being lazy.

last but not least!! certainly not least. we don’t have air conditioning. and so every day when it rains, it cools down our house. and well that. that is just priceless.dear god – thank you for natural air conditioning.

so rain – i hope you’re here to stay! at least until next week….that’s when the hubs can water again…

how long?

how long can i let the front of  our house look like this!?

i can’t stand it really. i also can’t won’t do anything about it. it seems too overwhelming. and with mr. hutch off doing his thing, i don’t have anyone saying we have to clean this up/finish this project. (obviously i lack any internal motivation for these things.)

so instead of doing something about this anxiety causing nightmare – i simply close my eyes when entering or exiting the house and sprint as fast as i can to the car. it works great. this weekend when i was getting my nails done, sipping mimiosas or lounging (mouching) by the pool, i was able to live in complete denial of our frontyard  DUMPyard.

is this an indicator of how well i deal with my problems?

psst – not being able to pick up those newspapers is downright shameful. so shame on me.

sheesh. i got better things…

sheesh! you guys were not a fan of the scab post. or so you say. tho i think you’re all liars because it certainly appeared to be the talk of the town for the last few days. and i’d love to give you an update (because it’s better than even i could have imagined) but you’ve made it clear you don’t want to hear about that subject. so i’ll keep it to myself…

the good news for you is, i do in fact have better things to blog about.

like how we spent the last 100 hours in 100 degree weather giving our bungalow a facelift. oh and after that miserableness – we’re only about half-way done.  last night, after summoning all my mental energy to pretend our meager size tub was an ice cold swimming pool, i went to bed cursing whoever invented home renovating. to add stress to misery, if we don’t finish it tonight (not going to happen!?!?!) it’s not going to get finished for a long, long time.

bungalowhutch before her facelift
bungalowhutch in the middle of her facelift…


which brings me to my even better (than the scab & a lack of a nice relaxing holiday weekend) thing to blog about. mr. hutch is leaving me! luckily – not for good. just for a really long time. which in my world is about ten days. that’s right. he is off to the dominican republic on thursday to go hang out with his friends in puerto plata. if you don’t already know my better half – he loves people and has a particular passion for loving on people on a global scale.

this is his third time headed there with our church over the last year. what he loves  most about spending time there is the  ability to continue building relationships he’s started with the people there. that’s what i love about our church’s take on the traditional “short-term’s mission trip.” there is no agenda. it’s not about being amazed by poverty, putting on a VBS routine, building something and then coming home sharing via facebook and photo what an amazing experience youve had only to never talk to or think about the community again. it’s about our church teaming up with their church in a long-term (nothing short about it!) relationship. it’s about loving our neighbors, even our international ones. so – he’s off again to hang out and love on his friends in the DR.

leaving me with the half finished makeover around here…

mr. hutch with his friend sandra – she’s the pastor of the church down there.

which leads me back to the house. if we don’t get it done tonight, we’re not going to get it done for a loooong time. oh well. in the mean time you can say a little prayer that i don’t do what i did last time mr. hutch was in the DR.

i asked if he was nervous about my decision making ability while he was gone.

he gave me the hairy eyeball.


btw – if you’re interested in financially supporting the community and the work mr. hutch (and the rest of the folks headed there) are doing in the dominican, head here. in the scroll down menu  – select dominican republic service journey.


i’ve learned something about myself. i’m not good at little projects. i need big massive overhauls to get excited about. so, i’m over finishing the details on our main floor. when you come over, don’t ask why that piece of trim is missing or why i still haven’t painted the window sills despite saying i’m going to for the past 209438 days. and in the meantime, i’ll stop pretending i’m going to do much of anything around here.

in light of this self revelation – i’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of giving the front of our house a major facelift. from the moment we i put an offer on the place, i knew the vinyl siding would not be with us for long. oh? you haven’t seen the face of bungalowhutch blogging world? well take a look…

it’s hard to tell from this picture, but we have gold/black shiny sticky letters/numbers that say our address on that oh so pretty green vinyl. ha! it’s so ugly. (sorry bungalowhutch, the truth hurts!) i was convinced the same day we closed on the house i would march right over to our new home and rip those off….alas here we are 4.5 months later and they are still there. yuck. even my dad made fun of them. that’s how i know they’re bad.

so, with springtime here and everyone being out and about (one of the things i adore about our new ‘hood) it’s time for a makeover. here’s what i’ve got for inspiration…


love bold painted bungalows! especially the front door!

a more classic take

i heart this color scheme on houses.

this is my real favorite/inspritation. the rest were just filler. i LOVE everything about this look. i LOVE the light blue porch and i LOVE the green door, and i LOVE the blue brick and well everything! sorry, momentary freak out about how much i love this look!

ok. before you wet yourself. yes, all of these are painted brick! this is what i’m thinking, this is what i want to do! try and stop me.

fine. i won’t do it. leave me alone. i won’t do it because i know painting our brick is committing bungalow suicide. or so “they” say. but i’m determined for bungalowhutch to have some color on the outside. so how about the following as an alternative…

1. tear off the vinyl siding and replace with stained cedar shingles (i’m thinking a lightblue/blue-grey color) on the back eaves (is that a word?) tho even painting the shingles, certain people are protesting. natural cannot always be the way to go!


here's a natural brick bungalow with some cedar shingles to give you an idea of what it looks like, but like i said, i want them stained/painted! sue me.

maybe this color of shingle?! come on! it's only going to be a small part of it...

2. on the front eaves (see above about about whether this is a word or not) also rip off the vinyl siding and do an exposed timber look with the vaulted ceiling, like you see in this picture.

this is a neighbor’s house. hello neighbor!


3. rip out the hideous black iron railing. do you see it up there?

4. paint the hideous hunter green porch a beautiful deep navy color. (like the color of that house!)

5. paint the door. you just wet yourself again. fine – i won’t paint the door, but i want to! i love painted doors!

door in question. yes it's a beautiful door. it would also be beautiful that green color 🙂

6. add some cherry apple red rocking chairs and a fun neutral rug with navy accents

7. hang some lanterns and plants along with a cool light from the soon to be vaulted ceiling.

8. oh did i mention leaving the trim white?


can you see my vision? crazy? good? recommended changes? anyone want to give me permission to go crazy with the paint!?

ok so what have we learned? my mental health is questionable. we should have moved to the pacific northwest where painting your bungalow is not only cool, it’s expected. and i really want to paint my bungalow but i promise i won’t so there won’t be a need for the intervention i’ve heard some of you whispering about.

*oh. sorry about the lack of photo credits – again. i’ve realized i’m not a “real” blog yet so i i’ve decided i’m off the hook…


update: ha! i titled this blog post as haters as a joke and forgot to change it. i titled it haters when i started writing because i was bitter thinking of all the haters of painted brick/doors. which is basically the whole world. oops. i guess i’ll leave it since i’m still feeling bitter.

can i have some money please?

can i have some money to furnish our house please? no one tells you to keep in mind that once your beautiful (if i may say so myselef) renovation is done liveable, all you want to do is go out and buy pretty stuff to put in it!

like this table we saw at arhaus this weekend while shopping around with my m-i-l.


the sales lady made it so tempting but unfortunately luckily i wasn’t even sure it would actually fit in our dining room. and after still being traumatized from the couch fiasco, i was able to restrain myself from saying, “i’ll take it!”

monday morning that last thing i wanted to do was work, so i continued shopping (online) for our house instead. i decided we immediately needed hardware for our cabinets. i googled hardware for your cabinets, clicked on the first site that came up (, and a few minutes later bought these shiny, pretty things.*

btw – mr. hutch i bought some hardware for our cabinets. you like?

they’re just like the ones i wanted from restoration hardware, but half the price. now i can use all fifty dollars i saved and put it towards that table. sweet.

in other news that has nothing to do with my materialistic, whiny side. it has been fantastic having mr. hutch’s mom (my m.i.l.) in town. she has been just the remedy for our “we’re over working on the house, let’s just half paint the walls and call it the new style” syndrome. in fact, we would have gotten nothing done over these past few days, if she weren’t here. sunday, i spent five hours organizing all of our clothes which means i no longer have to wear the same underwear outfit everyday (yipee!)  mr. hutch  and the m.i.l. painted sunday night and then yesterday she painted ALL DAY while we worked. it’s amazing how much more “finished” things look with paint all over the walls instead of on half of them. the best part of all?  today she is making  mr. hutch work on the basement (my arch nemesis at the moment) with her. PTL! as my grandma would say.

last time mr. hutch said he was going to work on the basement, he built a tool shelf instead. i’m not saying, i’m just saying.

ok. i gotta get out here and go to work before they make me help.


*have i mentioned this is the best way of shopping when re-doing a house? i mean there are SO many choices for everything out there. you just have to be impulsive and pick something. that’s what we’ve done with almost every purchase so far (with the exception of maybe the cabinets) and it’s all worked out. if this were an advice column, that would be my advice. don’t think about your purchases, just be impulsive. dang it. i should have bought that table….



this is going to be short and sweet because i’m crabby.  i want you folks to know that this renovating thing is not all rainbows and butterflies. sometimes it sucks.

like today.

mr. hutch & i met at the house at 10p (that’s right, 10p.) to rip up all the carpets.  now i can race over before work tomorrow to meet with the floor refinshing guy who apparently needs to actually be able to see the wood floors to quote us on refinsihing them. i think that’s lame, but i’m crabby so what do i know.

it was one of those days that started out long and just got worse. i don’t know if i’m nostaligic from the weekend  (i miss our friends. curses to the day we left boston*) if i haven’t switched over from vacation mode.  if i’m finally feeling the effects of trying to live out of someone else’s living room. or if we’re just too over committed and really have no business trying to squeeze in redoing a house to our already ridiculous life.

actually moving into bungalowhutch at this point feels like a marathon. we must be at mile 20 ’cause i’ve hit a brick wall and want to quit.

we have to cram getting a bunch of stuff done (which means working late at night) over the next few days because WE HAVE TO MOVE IN! if we don’t get in there this weekend, we might die we literally do not have time until february. and that is simply unacceptable. i’ll sell the stupid house if that’s the case. (sorry bungalowhutch, i didn’t mean that.)

i'm pretty good at being crabby

so that leaves us with options like ripping up carpet at 10 o’clock at night which makes for a crabby me. mr. hutch is a little crabby too. at one point i said i was over this whole remodel thing. he said he never wanted to do it in the first place. oops. i forgot about that minor detail.

here’s the thing. i know we’ll be so happy and so excited and so in love with bungalowhutch one day. today is just not that day.

oh and this is not an attempt for you to feel sorry for us. however you should feel sorry for my amazing sister and broinlaw who continue to put up with the world’s worst roomates (us). i’m going to pay them to physically kick us out so we HAVE TO MOVE IN.

there you have it. the not so fun day. the end.

i guess seeing these beauties makes me a little less crabby

tho i'm mad at them for needing to be refinished because it's going to make moving in take longer. why couldn't they have been in mint condition?

*disclaimer: i do love denver when i’m not crabby and feeling nostalgic.