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people keep asking me what happened to the blog? tho i don’t have an answer, the inquiries were just enough to motivate a resurrection. and nothing like a cozy winter day to sit down and dust off the ol’ blog.

and yes i said winter. it started snowing late last night and hasn’t stopped. the confusion of the seasons is certainly controversial (it was 80 degrees on monday – summer? and the leaves are bright orange and deep red – fall? but there are six inches of snow on the ground – winter?).  people are either loving it or hating it.

this year, i say bring it on. i’m ready for the snow, for winter, for the season.

there is something about winter that forces you to slow down. and after this past year, i’m ready to slow down. it’s almost exactly a year ago that mr. hutch left for the DR and uttered those famous last words, “please don’t buy a house while i’m gone.” i’m pretty sure our lives have been a whirlwhind since.

so, with winter comes the anticipation of hunkering down, snuggling up, staying warm, sitting by the fire, being thankful, awaiting the holidays, daily extra-hot soy chai lattes, driving carefully, cozy-ing up with a book, candlelight, christmas music, twinkling lights, slippers and robes. and like i said – slowing down.

so as taboo as it may be to be grateful for this snowy october day, i’m falling head first this year into the rest that winter promises to offer.

oh and the added bonus?  the snow hides our dead front lawn and makes our still not done front of the house look not too shabby. longest. project. ever.

happy winter blogland.


a long goodbye

ok if you read my blog because sometimes i may be mildy amusing or because at one point in time it was about remodeling a house – you should skip today’s post and come back another day.

also i want to warn you that the following may sound or feel dramatic and i don’t care. i’m taking full advantage today of my right to turn my tiny piece of cyberspace into a place where i unashamedly blurt out what i’m really thinking and feeling. take it or leave it.

so yesterday was monday schmunday for another reason. it officially marks the two-week countdown until my sister moves.

yes, you heard that right. my sister is moving. far away. to some place called washington d.c. it’s like 115 degrees there right now, but that’s not stopping them.

so here’s the thing. i’m not being very mature or selfless about the whole thing. tho i know i should. in my head, i know it’s going to be OK. that this is best for them. that my sister needs me to be supportive. that this is the right thing. that we’ll still see each other lots…the list goes on.

the problem is this: tho i know all those important facts in my head, all i can feel in my heart is sad.

sad. sad. sad.

the thing is, i’m not just losing my sister, i’m losing my best friend. and i’m scared of losing my sister and my best friend.

cause it’s a big loss.

you see, living in the same city these last four years has been literally a dream come true. (this dream is also known as the master plan, but we’ll save that for another post.) sharing our adult life together in the way that we have been able to has brought so much joy to my life. and i got carried away with that joy and began to hold onto a future that will no longer look the way i envisioned it. i’ve become so familiar and comfortable with life with them here, i fear the void with them not.

i’ve planned on them being here. for the little things and the big things. i’ve planned on a lot more impromptu family dinners, borrowing her clothes, more ski trips in the mountains, having her there when our future babies are born, raising kids together, growing old with one another.

and i have to let that go. because it’s not going to look the way i planned.

and quite frankly, i’m having a really hard time with that.

yes. duh. plenty of people don’t live near their sisters, and they’re still living and breathing. but have they had a taste of how wonderful it is? to share life together in this way? it’s a tease i tell you. once you know how good it is, it’s a lot harder to imagine any other way.

so i’m giving myself permission to be sad. to grieve. because this is my reality right now. i can’t talk myself out of how i feel, and i’m not ready to put it in perspective.

even if that makes me selfish and immature.

yes i know. i know that life is always better unplanned and when there is room for the unexpected. that sharing life together isn’t limited by geography. i know that a new, wonderful season awaits us both. but i’m not letting go without squeezing every last ounce out of this one.

because it’s been a really, really good time of life.

so the next two weeks will be a long goodbye. not just to my sister, but to the future i held on to too tightly.

and when it’s time – i’ll let my head speak to my heart, and i’ll begin to let in those words. the ones about everything being OK and for the best. and i’ll be happy and supportive. a little less selfish and little more mature.

and then i’ll begin to solicit money for plane tickets to that place called DC.

cause that will be our new reality. figuring out a way to continue to share life together.

until then – i’ll be that girl with the red eyes and red wine.

love you saster.

debating on reneging

i’m debating on reneging my thankfulness for the rain. it truly is seattle here in case you thought i was exaggerating. after a crazy, crazy storm last night, i walked outside this morning to this.

don’t get me wrong. i love a good ol’ fashion t-storm, but would prefer if it didn’t leave my pots broken and pillows blown across the yard.

besides this wetness just seems so strange for denver. gone are the days when you’re guaranteed dinner on the patio or when you’re actually able to sit on the outdoor sofa without your buttocks getting soaked from wet, mushy cushions.

i guess i won’t renege on my thankfulness quite yet. everyone knows i hate a reneger, and we all know how well i do with breaking the sprinkler system. but if i don’t get some QT outside soon….

denver’s forecast. oh joy.

and the winner is..

so – like 2 of you placed bets on how much we would get done this weekend. you readers are lame.

i, however, am not. not to toot my own horn or anything, but this was a magical weekend balanced with fun and work. even with a minor (and by minor i mean major) setback – mr. hutch threw out his back and was rendered bed ridden. eek!

luckily, i rallied the usual suspects (actually they just showed up kinda randomly) to come in for support last night to help with a few things. so here’s the list of things that got done around here. it may not sound like much, but i worked around the house for like 10 hours straight yesterday. (balanced perfectly with the 10 hour debry party on saturday if you’re counting)

if you’ve seen my track record, that’s beyond impressive. the work, not the party.

checked off:

painted window sills!!!! tho they may be been painted shut…

finished head board (super excited about this one!)

painted (even the edging!) back bedroom

dog poo collected (it weighed a whopping 47lbs)*

lawn mowed, various weeds wacked/pulled

ugly railing on front porch gone

various metal scrapped (meaning less trash on the dance floor)

wall of dance floor  ardieport carport removed for better visiual of the dance floor.

trim in bathroom touched up and painted

OH and then of course these boys that came over began a new project (tearing down aluminum from the front porch). this project won’t be finished anytime soon and unfortunately made our house look a little lot like a construction zone. so one suggest theory is that we turn our house warming party into a construction/remodel party. bring your hammers?

another thought was – why are you having a housewarming/birthday party when you’re house is not finished? you can thank my saster for that one. she likes to party.

again a special thanks to these guys who keep our butts on track. and for the sister and bro-in-law who like to come over for a nice leisurely sunday family dinner and end up working instead.

so. no time to post pics, but i will ’cause stuff looks great. at least some stuff. oh and mom and aunt deb (my faithful voters) you both can win the grand prize of a free weekend stay at bunglowhutch complete with some fine champagne and unlimited access to our dance floor.

*no we didn’t really weigh the dog poo, but there was A LOT!

stars aligned

i think there is a super moon or something going around, and after last night, i’m realizing the stars must be aligned too. why? because we now have an island hood! here’s the story of how it came to be.

first, in bed late last thursday night, i was bored and randomly found an island hood from the o for what seemed to be a bargain price.

then – mr. hutch and i debated whether or not it’s an island mount or wall mount. the pictures were confusing and apparently he didn’t think the title “island mount hood” meant island mount hood. i order it anyways.

next – my dad comes in to town yesterday somewhat last minute for work. we go out for lunch.

most important part of story – we arrive back home to a fed ex man pulling up with my new hood! what luck! i had no idea it would come so soon! and on a day my dad was here with the afternoon free.

miracle of miracles.

then i leave for work and click my heels three times.

i come home a few hours later to this.


next – family happens to come over to  celebrate dad’s birthday dinner.  great, now we just happen to have some extra strong men around the house.  that’s convenient.

a quick trip to home depot, a break for an indian feast, and a happy birthday song later…

we have this!


like i said, the stars must have been aligned or something because i’m realizing this is the only way things get done around here. oh, and it was still hanging this morning. that’s good news too.

thank you dad! and mr. hutch! and brother-in-laws! and saster!


(would this whole story change and sound slightly manipulative if i said i’m ordering wallpaper to arrive on the same day my mom does? never mind then.)

minor differences

i’m giddy. i was a waste of space on saturday (minus points) but sunday i was a rockstar (plus points). sunday my friends – i totally organized my kitchen and our hall built- in-cabinet. if you have yet to notice – we’re a little haphazard over here. everything from selling our old house, buying this one, and rushing to move in….which is why even tho we’ve only lived here a little over a month, i already needed to reorganize our kitchen. (well – really all of our house….)

my older saster and i have a running joke. it goes something like this: “where’s the spatula? it’s in the stock pot with the dog food, thats in the garbage can with the cleaning supplies.” oh and by the way – this isn’t really a joke – true story…

that imagery is what my kitchen has felt like for awhile. when we moved in, i literally just shoved stuff down into the cabinets. we didn’t have counter tops yet, so that made unpacking the kitchen convenient. box labeled kitchen? open and dump into random cabinets. two days later install counter tops, and no one will ever be the wiser.

it saddens me that you think i’m joking.

it saddens you that i’m not.

since that lovely day – i’ve been using my kitchen, everyday wondering – when will i get the sudden urge to turn this haphazard mess in to organizational glory!?!?!?!

sunday was the glorious day people. did i mention it was glorious? i don’t know what came over me. perhaps it was my inability to do something even remotely productive saturday and the overwhelming guilt that ensued- or perhaps it was when i found random knives wrapped in saran wrap covered in dust buried under aprons next to a plastic container of foreign powder* that gave me the urge…

either way – i took EVERYTHING out of those cabinets. more excitingly threw out set aside** a bunch of ( if i haven’t used since we got married, i probably won’t use) random kitchen crap. the remainder?  i organized it, DUSTED it, and put it away properly.


in the thick of it

i heart the innards of my cabinets now.

i also “felt led” to tackle the hall closet and bathroom dresser. then i put all of mr. hutch’s toiletries into the broken drawer of our self-made bathroom vanity in hopes that having to use an annoying broken drawer everyday, will inspire him to finish the vanity. genius? why thank you. thank you very much.

after my grueling organization i felt both myself and bungalowhutch needed a prize. so i went to the mall and bought these:

(tho wanted to buy this but wasn’t sure my work was worthy of it)

now my towels are hung up in the bathroom, not thrown on the floor next to my shoes, by the books under the lamp near the laundry detergent & ski goggles where i found my lost debit card…. have i mentioned the whole house needs organizing?

oh and back to my blog title. the minor differences bit. being so giddy about the giant steps in organization (that i’m sure you couldn’t care less about and are wondering if the home improvement blog has really sunk to this….) i tried to rally some excitement about my miraculous work from mr. hutch. he feigned a bit of excitement out of being afraid of my wrath husbandry duty, but i got the strange impression that  his enthusiasm about purging and organizing barely rivaled the same level of attention he showed me when i popped my last really good zit.

minor differences in our marriage i suppose.



* powder later determined to be mr. hutch’s protein shake powder circa 1999?!?!?

**the fate of these kitchen items are unknown. they currently sit in the backseat of my car. either they’ll end up in the goodwill bin, orrrrrrrrr the garbage bin. depending on my patience. only time will tell. sorry if you got me one of these items….please let me know if you want it back.

please don’t buy a house while i’m gone

ok so house hunting was fun at first. and then it got kinda old. the problem was, from the get go – we were all over the place. we had a lot of trouble trying to narrow down the neighborhood  and agree on what it was we were actually in the market for. mr. hutch was into the move in ready idea and i really wanted to “flip” something. everything mr. hutch found was too expensive and everything i found was WAY too much work.

we were floundering and getting discouraged. we thought the market was flooded so why weren’t we finding the perfect house for us?! we started pondering just postponing buying for a while and renting a ski house for the winter instead. (i just got sad about not capitalizing on that plan – anyone have a ski house?)

the end of october rolled around and mr. hutch was getting ready to leave on a ten-day trip with our church to the d.r. (dominican republic). many, many times before he left, mr. hutch kept throwing out this weird comment to me. he said, “please don’t buy a house while i’m gone.”

“duh. why would i do that. i’m not going to do that. duh.”

i was not going to buy a house while he  was gone. instead, the plan was for me to keep on the hunt while he was away and hopefully find some more houses to look at with him when he got back. so my good friends the cheneys and i went out with our realtor the day after mr. hutch left and looked at some houses. the outing was somewhat of a bust. wrong lock box codes to get into the house, grumpy old sellers who decided they didn’t want to let us in, more houses that were way too much work… we had one left on our list and it was alllllll the way over in park hill.

i walked in and i loved it! it was a denver bungalow style home, in great condition with a lot of original detailing and woodwork. good size, good bones, good price, great potential. maggie & john (the cheneys – and seasoned house “flippers”) were essential in helping me see the beauty of this home. a big fat thank you to them both btw.  i left excited for mr. hutch to get to see it.

that night our people talked to their people realtor called their realtor just to let them know that we were really interested in it and would be wanting to see it upon mr. hutch’s return to the country. ‘that’s great” they said. but we should know there were two other offers already on the table. no guarantee it would be around when he got back.

oh no!! i started freaking out.

i had flashbacks to a similar situation to what had happened to a house we had wanted earlier in this process. we didn’t get it because we didn’t act fast enough.

i  had no way to get a hold of mr. hutch and i had no idea what to do. i couldn’t stand the thought of missing out on the opportunity but i also kept hearing, “please don’t buy a house while i’m gone!” what was i supposed to do?!?!? after tossing, turning and trying to figure out how patient and forgiving hutch was – i put an offer in and the sellers accepted!

so much for not buying a house while mr. hutch was gone.

now, to my measly credit. i tried to get a hold of him. i made phone calls, sent emails. shouted from my rooftop just so you know. and it wasn’t an easy decision. but in the end, i figured it wasn’t worth the risk of the house not being an option for us, and if he didn’t like it, it would be easy enough to get out of the contract. so ignoring his pleas to not buy a house was really the right thing to do. right?

luckily it was. he eventually found out while on his trip, what it was i had gone and done.  and he wasn’t even mad! instead he was his usual balance in my life:  cool, calm, and collected. stating we would figure it out when he got back.

he got back at about midnight on a sunday and willingly showed up for our inspection the next monday morning. thankfully he saw the potential i had seen. and only meant “don’t buy a house while i’m gone” in theory.

we spent the next four weeks brutally negotiating every last penny with the sellers, signing e-contract after e-contract, all leading up to dec. 3rd. when we finally closed and got  the keys to our new bungalow!

stay tuned for the full house tour tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek of bungalow hutch!

bungalow hutch