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greetings cyberspace.

it’s early and like an old person I’m up before the sun. why? well we’re sleep training* miss adele and despite my best efforts to convince mr. hutch that it was “his turn” for the third turn in the row, he caught on and i got up. only to of course not be able to fall back asleep. and what have i pondered in my insomnia? thoughts about the blog, and how i should really blog, and it’s been so long since i’ve blogged and did the last six months even count since i didn’t blog about them? so I surrendered to the blog’s pleas to come back (along with my mom’s nagging, love you mom!) and here we are, a random humpday where you will get to wake up to BungalowHutch resurrected. glorious. except i kinda wish i was still sleeping. perhaps mr. hutch can sleep train me when we’re done with adele.

let’s see where have I been? where to start? i think i last blogged about having a baby. yes, that’s correct, i just checked. i really did have a baby and that really is the last thing I blogged about. well after i had a baby, we kept her, and i discovered the world’s best kept secret – maternity leave. oh how i long for maternity leave. i think i’ll have another just so i can go back…

maternity leave for me was like an expensive staycacation with an adorable accessory to show off and buy cute things for. this is where you will hate me and mom’s around the world will scream liar! but alas it’s true. from 0-3 months adele was seriously the. perfect. baby. she never cried, she slept like a rockstar (wait rockstars don’t sleep. she slept like a bear? she slept like something that slept really well, anywhere, and all the time.) she never spit up, she never threw up, we took her EVERYwhere and she didn’t seem to mind, heck the kid really never even pooped! it’s like she wasn’t a real baby, luckily i had blogged about the fact that i had a baby so i knew she was indeed real. 

so, for three months, adele and i went out for breakfast and on coffee dates, met friends for lunches and happy hours, got our nails done, went shopping, had visitors come and friends make meals, got showered in gifts, in love, in attention. it was awesome. 

then we went broke and i had to go back to work. 

anyways – those glory days with the perfect baby and the endless fun, we’re part of the reason the blog died. i was having too much fun to blog, and really, who wants to read about what an easy baby you have and how much fun you’re having. it was hard enough in real life to respond to things like, “oh, you just had a baby!? you must be exhausted…” “yea, those 8.5 hours of sleep were real rough compared to my normal 10, thanks for asking!” 

luckily for blogging purposes, adele has since turned into a normal child. she cries and does other baby things and in some ways it feels like it has gone from me toting her around to her toting me around. and now (gasp!) she is almost six months and she is doing crazy stuff like sitting up and rolling like a log and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, and i feel like man, i should be documenting this shiz!

and so here we are again, the resurrection of the blog and documenting all things bungalowhutch. 

in the meantime, here are some (totally random) pics from the glory days:

the beginning of staycation

first stroller ride to cake crumbs

meeting her new friends

just a few days old and already an excellent shopper


lunch date with grandma

trip to the zoo!

her third baseball game, she showed about the same interest as me.


happy father’s day!

smily, sweet baby

*i hate the phrase “sleep training.” like she’s a monkey or something. i would much rather think of her as a pony or puppy.


welp, i’m really pregnant

i’ve decided i’m really pregnant. i’ve come to this conclusion as i sip coffee while catching up on paper work and notice my new involuntary habit – rubbing my belly.

only people who are pregnant rub their belly without realizing it.

the belly that started popping around christmas and that i thought might very well just be a product of massive food consumption, has only gotten bigger… and bigger.

and then bigger.

leading to the conclusion, this is no food baby. this is the real deal. 

(apparently my belly is also encouraging other body parts to grow.)

the bigger belly and the rubbing of it are not the only signs and symptoms that point to my  full mental acceptance of my current state. here are a few others:

1. i showed up for yoga with a pre-packed gym bag only to find my tank top didn’t fully cover my belly. enter white trash-yogi. 

2. i have conversations with my unborn child in my head.

3. i register for something someone tells me i have to have a few days late think, “i do NOT need that!” i then delete the item off the regsitry. a couple of days go by and then i re-register for it when someone again convinces me i have to have it. then as a follow up i google,  “what baby stuff do i really need? and how much of it is crap?”  i then delete/re-register…again.

4. i have something to blog about.

5. in public, i find myself obsessively checking out people’s strollers and can now identify most makes/models from ten yards away.

6. i’ve gone from fearing to loving my maternity jeans and fear i will never return to regular people’s clothes. as a safety precaution, i have asked a friend to remove them from my closet post-birth. (thanks maggie – don’t forget!) 

7. i can rattle off statistics and facts on the cloth v. disposable diaper debate and feel 100% comfortable with my decision to  fill up landfills with baby’s feces.

8. my google reader has slowly converted from home renovating blogs to baby blogs.

9. i  had something really funny to say here, but then i forgot and after sitting for ten minutes trying to remember, i still can’t. so my new number nine is i can now blame forgetfulness on pregnancy. this is convenient as mr. hutch is constantly complaining  that i am forgetting to tell him things.

10. i find i could no longer contain my flatulence while working out.

sorry about the last one, but it was a real eye opener.

so there you have it. it took me almost 23 weeks, but i  can honestly say i’m not longer questioning whether or not i’m pregnant.    i really am! woop, woop!

my passenger

so, in the blogging world, when you run out of stuff to blog about you do something to change the status quo. you sell a house, change a job, start crafting, get pregnant.

we ran out of stuff to blog about. 

so, i got myself a passenger. thus far, there has been nothing to blog about in regards to the passenger and this plan has been deemed weak. *** 

my passenger has been riding along inside me for a little over 16 weeks. that should be 16 weeks worth of blogging material, and instead i got little to show.

here’s what i do have:

*i do not feel pregnant. i have lost weight, i have few symptoms, and i have not been sick.  i have also found out this is not information people like to hear and usually comeback with something like, “well i hope your boobs turn into shriveled up raisins post-breast feeding then.”

*i am an awkward pregnancy announcer. i randomly blurt out i’m pregnant creating equally awkward moments and priceless responses. i love it. especially when people don’t believe me and i have to spend five minutes convincing them that i’m not in fact just kidding.

*i also love the response: “was this planned?” anyone who knows me knows i do not believe there is a such a thing as accidentally getting pregnant. either you make sure you there is no chance you are going to get pregnant or you don’t. the only exception, is the virgin mary herself.

*to remind myself i do in fact have a passenger, i buy baby clothes. i showed my friend one of these items and she said, “what is that?” i said, “i dunno, but it’s cute.” (does anyone know what a nightgown looking thing with a giant elastic hole at the bottom is?)

*i know i’m having a girl. we do not need to, nor will we, officially find out. the chinese gender chart said i’m having a girl, my uber smart friend gave me a card that said congrats on your baby girl, and well quite frankly, i wouldn’t know what to do with a boy, so it needs to be a girl. i have yet to do the drain-o test, but i’ll let you know the results when i do.

*i am horrible about taking my prenatal vitamin. so i asked mr. hutch to help me remember. he is horrible at helping me remember. fortunately, what i am good at is remembering he forgot to remind me which reminds me to take it. nightly conversation goes a little something like this:

me: “did you want to remind me something.”

mr. hutch: “huh? oh, don’t forget your prenatal vitamin.”

me: “thanks for reminding me.”

it’s still a flawed system but my friend said she didn’t believe in taking them and her kid is adorable so i feel better about the whole thing.

*i worry most alot about the fact that we don’t have a microwave. people seem aghast when they find out we don’t have  one and yet plan on bringing a child into this world.  i can’t figure out why this is a problem and it makes me think i know nothing about babies. (i don’t). will our ability to raise a happy, healthy, well-rounded child be compromised by my joy of counterspace? can you not toaster-oven a bottle?

*pregnancy books are pretty dumb. i have yet to find anything worth reading. i’m pretty sure all they do is contradict one another and try and scare you. i like to ignore them and their rules and instead my prenatal plan is to rely on the resiliency of the human race. plus it’s fun to get other people all riled up, “WHAT!!! YOU ATE DELI MEAT!?!?!??!” well yes, yes i did. and it was good.

*despite not feeling pregnant, and more like we ordered something from a catalog with an estimated ship date of May 2012, i am very excited. the other night i had a dream that i gave birth. we were in a cafeteria type line and when you got to the front of the line, if it was time to give birth you did, and if not you went to the back of the line. there were weird girls i knew from college delivering the babies and this made me anxious as i did not want them to see my va-jayjay. i woke up strangely excited. about the baby that i eventually had in the dream, not the cafeteria/weird girl part.

*and when i’m not blowing off pregnancy books and aggravating people with my easy pregnancy, lack of microwave, and deli meat-eating ways… at night – when i hold really still and stop breathing, i think i can feel the passenger fluttering around in there somewhere,  and i feel very blessed. a little life, entrusted to me! now that is a privilege. then mr. hutch usually ruins it by asking if i am sure i didn’t just have chipotle for lunch or something. so i punch him and roll over to see if i can have another crazy pregnancy dream to get excited about.

so there you have it. perhaps my passenger will get more exciting and i can blog about it some more.

my passenger trying to make herself known with a little belly 🙂

*** just in case i have to say it, i did not actually get pregnant for the blog. i got pregnant because my husband said he was leaving me if i didn’t bear him a child by the time he was 30. we’re cutting it close folks.

we worked on the house

you guys, we did like a real project around here. it reminded me so much of the good old days. nothing like the recent scrapings at the bottom of the home renovation barrel.

we found out the tilemaster was planning on being in denver over a 24hr work-free period and immediately began soliciting help for our kitchen backsplash. remember when i talked about that way back when? nine months later we got around to it.

at this rate, the house will be done when we’re dead.

anyways, like most projects around here, the whole thing was totally haphazard and turned out great. i realize we really do make the best reno decisions under pressure and when we have little to no time to plan or ponder things. instead of scouring for the perfect tile, the perfect colors, the perfect deal, we showed up to flo’ & deco’ friday night, found some tile,  got to work saturday morning, and finished the last of the grouting by sunday evening. no shopping around and taking our time around here folks. planning is for losers. do or die .

overall the process went smoothly. there were only two marital fights. one regarding mr. hutch wanting to watch sports in the morning rather than tile and one about how the accent tile should be laid out. i would have won both feuds but since my dad was here and he always takes mr. hutch’s side, i was ganged up on and lost the accent tile battle. mr. hutch thinks the color of the accent tile is poo and didn’t want it at all so in some ways perhaps i still won.

but who’s keeping score!? (me.) nothing like a little competition to keep the fire burnin’.

small marital feuds aside, the three of us worked like a well oiled machine and got ‘er done. and now we have a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

what do YOU think?

napa continued

sorry for the suspense with the napa pics. not sure what happened to the last week. anywho -napa continued:

our picnic lunch
peju -one of the wineries we liked alot. also the scene of our picnic lunch.
doesn’t get much better than this @ joseph phelps vineyards
we were there just as many wineried were beginning to harvest. this was at frog's leap (our favorite).
we were there just as many wineries were beginning to harvest. this was at frog’s leap (our favorite).

the frog’s leap property was stunning – their wine was as well.
relaxing after a rough day of wine tasting
@ hotel yountville wishing this was my bedroom
i kinda like him alot – brekfast on our last day
i’ll be back napa. i promise.

ok so now for some unofficial ammeter tips if you go to napa….

1 – don’t be a dummy and forget your camera.

2 – visit the big commerical wineries first where you can get the tours/gist of thing/a feel for how it all works. then work your way to the smaller boutiquey ones where when you sit and talk with the winemaker you won’t feel like you have no idea what he’s talking about.

3 – bring your husband even if he doesn’t like wine. if he’s a good guy and likes you, he’ll still manage to have a blast and even learn to appreciate wine.

4 – drink enough at the tastings to warrant some liberal spending when it comes time to purchase wine.

5 – bring picnic supplies and a bottle of water wherever you go. there were so many wineries that were set up for you to bring your own snacks and taste their wines while you ate. great way to make sure you don’t spend toooo much money on wine. (see number 4).

6 – check with your hotel BEFORE you go about whether or not they have partnerships with some of the wineries. we stayed at the hotel yountville one night and when we go there found out they had all these partnerships (read free tastings and tours) to dozens of wineries – a lot that we had already been to and paid for 😦

7 – not much of the action is in napa. this may be a duh for some people, but we didn’t realize that until we go there. all the wineries are in the valley north of there so if we did it again, we wouldn’t spend any time in napa the town, rather we would stay put up in yountville or st. helena.

8 – don’t be scared of wineries that are by apt. only. it usually just means that they are a smaller winery and don’t have the space or the staff to accept the heards of wine flunkies. we often were able to “make an apt” within a couple of hours and these were our favorite wineries because they were so much more personal.

9 – to save money (since you should spend it all on buying wine) you can share a tasting. at the smaller wineries the pours are  generous and certainly enough for two. plus they often just refill your glass anyways if you like something and want more of it.

10 – bring an extra big suitcase to carry your wine home in. and fly southwest so you don’t have to pay to check your bags. this we did not do.

11 – most people bring their own wine to dinner and pay a small corkage fee. i wish we had done this. but we didn’t know.

12 – you can get this app for your phone that is called tasting passes and it gives you all these deals for wine tastings near you. a lot of 2-1 tastings and even some free tastings. you just show them your phone screen. it was great.

13 – ummmm….go to napa. it’s great.

some of our favorite spots

we loved celadon in napa. the restaurant was amazing. it’s party of the napa river inn (where we stayed two nights) and also loved. they upgraded us to a fancy suite. woop woop.

we also loved the tasting room 1313main in napa. the staff was great and gave us a lot of great recommendations.

we loooved hotel yountville. and like i said – if we would have known, tho more expensive to stay here, we would have saved a ton of money on tours and tastings making up for the pricier room rate.

we loved the oxbow market in napa for gather picnic supplies.

and finally after days of fine wines and gourmet foods we enjoyed a nice ol’ fashion hamburger, fries, and a milkshake from gott’s roadside. it was amazing.

our favorite wineries were frog’s leap, peju, derioush, and anderson’s conn valley.

there you have it. now who wants to plan a trip to napa? we’re ready to go back…

just in case there was some confusion

you know – about who wears the pants in the family and all. i have proof it’s not who you may think.

yes. that is a giant 50inch screen TV in our living room. and no. i don’t want it there. if i had it my way, we’d go back to this:

but alas, i’ve been de-pantsed.

pssst – sorry about the silence around here. i was in a happy place recovering from my depression in regards to you know what.

out with a bang.

bungalowhutch saw some serious action this weekend. my sister has officially moved. right now, in a truck with her hubby, pup, and all their possessions, they are somewhere between denver  and dc. and true to her style, if she’s going to leave, she’s going to go out with a bang.

so for the last 86 hours – this house has been filled to the brim. quite literally. many meals served, dishes done, couches slept on, puppy dogs roaming, towels washed and re-washed, three to a bed, bottles of wine emptied, laughter and tears, memories made.

it was an incredible last weekend with the saster and i’m utterly exhausted.