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we’re strange birds

so, we can’t get into our house right now. at least not through the front. our beautiful old front door along with its old original doorknob is well…old. 

this door has always been a little feisty. sometimes it locks on its own, sometimes it opens on its own, sometimes it requires unique combinations of twisting, turning, and pulling to get it open. and sometimes, when it’s feeling generous, it works like a charm.

lately however, it has become apparent that the doorknob itself is dead. (insert joke about it being deader than a that a joke? or is a door nail?) it no longer operates from the outside which means we can no longer get inside if we’re outside. are you following?

here’s where we are strange birds. fix the problem? nah.

mr. hutch wants to replace the beautiful antique doorknob with some brassy, modern punch in the numbers automatic locking device.* i want to repair the doorknob and give it a second chance on life. i mean – how ugly and unfitting would that modern piece of convenience be with our beautiful old door. a while ago we made our opinions known, said our peace  and apparently have silently agreed to solve the problem by simply ignoring it.

since we actively ignore the situation – i find it quite amusing when we come home and head straight for the back door. neither of us says anything, complains, or even argues about this. and neither of us apparently cares enough to do anything about it. we’re content to disagree on a solution other than to simply leave our house through the front door, and come back in through the back. 

and every time i go through the backdoor with out a word being spoken, i chuckle to myself thinking about how long this could go on. my guess is when we go to sell the house we’ll come to a resolution. so, 5-10 years then? i wouldn’t be surprised if we just build a garage in the back instead so the backdoor becomes our primary entrance/exit anyways, leaving little reason to even fix the front door.

maybe we’re lazy, maybe we’re stubborn, but quite frankly i think we’re just strange.

*by the way, we have one of these on our backdoor, and i love it. it just doesn’t belong on the front door. 


rain, rain – here to stay…

so if you live in denver you might be bummed. seeing as it rains ALL the time. i’ve always wanted to live in seattle – but after our daily raining here, i’m second guessing that. i also think denver needs to change its marketing campaign from “300 days a year of sunshine” to “the new seattle.”

in case you can’t tell – it’s pouring!

you shouldn’t be mad about the rain tho. it’s for me. a special little gift.

first – the hubster is gone. (obvi – i’ve only mention it like every post!) and i don’t know how to water the yard without breaking the sprinkler system. so i need it to rain everyday so EVERYTHING doesn’t die. seeing as some of it already has since my big gardening expenditure. dear god – thank you for watering my grass and flowers and not letting me waste all my money at home depot on the flowers that i bought.

second – it rains everyday so that i can’t go for a run. this way, i can’t train for my half marathon! which means i get to walk/crawl/float down a nearby river for 13.1 miles instead. it’s wonderful. every morning i think i should run since i won’t be able to run after work ’cause it will be raining. and every morning i don’t. so then every evening when it’s raining i think – bummer! i should have run this morning… oh well. tomorrow! i’m sure if i was a real runner i would run in the rain. but i’m not. i’m a fake runner. dear god – thank you for the rain so i don’t get vain from getting really skinny from training for my half marathon. thank you for keeping my humility in check!!

third – rain makes me want to curl up and drink wine and read books and not be productive around the house. so tho i don’t need ANY inspiration in this particular area since i’m already very good at the above named activities, it’s nice to feel justified in the above named activities every now and then. dear god – thank you for not making me very hard-working/self-motivated and content being lazy.

last but not least!! certainly not least. we don’t have air conditioning. and so every day when it rains, it cools down our house. and well that. that is just priceless.dear god – thank you for natural air conditioning.

so rain – i hope you’re here to stay! at least until next week….that’s when the hubs can water again…

dear mr. hutch

dear mr. hutch –

this is a very public reminder that you promised i could pick the gnarly scab off your knee. i woke up this morning and you had already left. and i had a thought that you would renege on your promise and that turned into a fear that the scab had already been picked. i’ve been waiting for this for weeks now. if you pick the scab off, and don’t let me, i will be very sad. and won’t help with our very big and exciting house project this weekend. tho if i don’t help, i doubt you’ll do it by yourself, so maybe that’s not a good idea. but i’m really excited to pick your scab – even if you’re embarassed of me because your friends are reading this. and i’m also very excited to work on our house this weekend. the cedar shingles are going to make a world of difference. even tho we have no idea what we are doing and you like to make that clear 🙂



(reader’s note: did i ever tell you mr. hutch had a pretty serious bike cruiser accident? remember those bikes we gave one another for our birthdays? make sure the handlebars are securely tightened…anyways. he has some pretty sweet battle wounds including on his knee. this baby turned into this thick, giant and perfect scab. all i can think about is picking it off. so i can’t blog about anything else…even tho we plan to give the front of our house a facelift this weekend – this seems to be more important.)

“i’ll mess him up!”

there are a lot of things i love about our park hill ‘hood but what i’m loving most these days is the neighbors…

the other day – some sales person came by the house and tried to sell mr. hutch on an ADT security system. since we don’t live in the burbs or anything  resembling pleasantville, we gave the whole having a security system thing a thought…after a few chats with our neighbors, i’m pretty sure bungalowhutch is all set on the homeland security front.

the other day our neighbor vic says to mr. hutch a few seconds after literally hopping over the six foot fence that separates us. “a few nights ago i had to get pulled off a guy for beating his a$$ in the alley. i found him trying to steal from one of the neighbors so i took him down. probably would have killed him if someone hadn’t pulled me off!” he then took mr. hutch for a walk in the ‘hood and introduced him to the fellow bodyguards. including thumper. yes – that is a name. i can’t tell you why his name is thump-her. it’s inappropriate. instead let’s talk about how comforting it is to know vic can hop the fence in .05 seconds.

then meet calvin. calvin is a few doors down on the other end. he just wanted to let us know colorfully that if anyone ever messes with our stuff, our yard, our house, even tries to mess with us to let him know – because he’ll track them down and mess them up. he also wanted us to know that if it weren’t for his child support he’d be on livin’ on the beach. i guess that makes us thankful for his child support!?

then we met the houstons. they live across the alley. i hope they adopt me as their grandchild ’cause they seem like they’d be great grandparents. anyways – mr. houston wanted to let me know he always has his eyes and ears on the block and that if he ever, ever sees anything suspicious or strange – well he just calls the cops. (i have a feeling the cops will be called on me at least once due to my strangeness.) he wanted to emphasize that he takes great pride in looking out for his neighbors and that that was what the block was all about – taking care of and looking out for one another. it was the polite, rated-G version, of vic and calvin’s message.

all these guys have lived on the block  for fifty some years…(vic and calvin both still living in their childhood homes sans parents). they grew up here, raised families here. and tho much of PH is changing as us young yuppie folk move in a renovate homes, we’re enjoying the history and pride that remains on our block.

and as a bonus, for now, we can let ADT know we won’t be needing those services after all…

and no. this one refuses to help with the security detail. something about not being able to see very well...

disaster zone

it’s a total disaster zone around here. in an attempt to get ready for our big birthday bash on saturday/housewarming party….i’ve decided to tackle all of these projects… remember how i made that list?

unfortunately, i’ve forgotten the cardinal rule of working on and around the house.

everything takes SO SO SO long. longer than you think.

and sometimes that’s your fault. mine not yours.

case in point.

i refinished a door to make as a headboard (looks great btw, i’ll show you real pics when the house doesn’t look like the disaster zone that it is). then i decided to refinish a hutch that we use as a wardrobe. i’m dumb and used the same technique for both. (and by technique i mean guesswork…). unfortunately real wood (original bungalow door) and fake wood (cheap hutch from target circa 2006) don’t finish the same.

so i did all this work to the hutch (4.5hrs worth! part of which my friend katie was helping!) to basically just end up doing a basic old paint job to the thing in the end. oops. there goes 4 hours of life…let’s chalk it up to valuable learning experience? and a good excuse for a nice glass of vino…

so anyways – i’m mildly discouraged at this point. after a week of elbow grease and rallying to get some stuff done….i’m covered in paint, and my house looks like a disaster zone. did i mention that already?

here are some cryptic pictures to evidence the fact that we have been working. i didn’t want you to see too much of the rest of the house at this point for fear you might be scared to show up on saturday. you are coming right?

oh and by the way i lied. tho i have been productive. i could be more productive if….i hadn’t recently discovered my flute music when going through a few more boxes (that never made the unpack list when we moved in). now after a hard nights work. i scare oscar with a few tunes. and yes, he is scared when i play. mr. hutch says i’m good tho, so i’ll take his word instead of oscar’s. and no, that’s not a first.

and the winner is..

so – like 2 of you placed bets on how much we would get done this weekend. you readers are lame.

i, however, am not. not to toot my own horn or anything, but this was a magical weekend balanced with fun and work. even with a minor (and by minor i mean major) setback – mr. hutch threw out his back and was rendered bed ridden. eek!

luckily, i rallied the usual suspects (actually they just showed up kinda randomly) to come in for support last night to help with a few things. so here’s the list of things that got done around here. it may not sound like much, but i worked around the house for like 10 hours straight yesterday. (balanced perfectly with the 10 hour debry party on saturday if you’re counting)

if you’ve seen my track record, that’s beyond impressive. the work, not the party.

checked off:

painted window sills!!!! tho they may be been painted shut…

finished head board (super excited about this one!)

painted (even the edging!) back bedroom

dog poo collected (it weighed a whopping 47lbs)*

lawn mowed, various weeds wacked/pulled

ugly railing on front porch gone

various metal scrapped (meaning less trash on the dance floor)

wall of dance floor  ardieport carport removed for better visiual of the dance floor.

trim in bathroom touched up and painted

OH and then of course these boys that came over began a new project (tearing down aluminum from the front porch). this project won’t be finished anytime soon and unfortunately made our house look a little lot like a construction zone. so one suggest theory is that we turn our house warming party into a construction/remodel party. bring your hammers?

another thought was – why are you having a housewarming/birthday party when you’re house is not finished? you can thank my saster for that one. she likes to party.

again a special thanks to these guys who keep our butts on track. and for the sister and bro-in-law who like to come over for a nice leisurely sunday family dinner and end up working instead.

so. no time to post pics, but i will ’cause stuff looks great. at least some stuff. oh and mom and aunt deb (my faithful voters) you both can win the grand prize of a free weekend stay at bunglowhutch complete with some fine champagne and unlimited access to our dance floor.

*no we didn’t really weigh the dog poo, but there was A LOT!

have you placed your bets?

welp – it’s derby weekend. and since the rest of the world is betting on the races, i say we place a few bets around here. centering of course around how much we’ll get done with this house before our big birthday bash next weekend.

we had last weekend and now this weekend to get some serious work done.

last weekend we did nothing around the house.

in fact, after a fabulous wedding on saturday night for some friends of ours, we declared sunday a holiday.

we called it fat sunday.

it’s a holiday where you avoid all forms of activity and eat a lot of food and then don’t feel bad because it’s a holiday. in case you think i’m kidding. i may or may not have been in a good times drive thru twice and watched three movies and fell asleep to the fourth (at 8:00p). oh and did i mention i woke up at 11a that morning? it’s my new favorite holiday.

this weekend we have  a dinner party, derby party, and graduation party. (does anyone have a hat i can borrow for the derby party?)

based on last weekend’s productivity and this weekends plans…. let us now place bets on how much is going to get done before our big party.

here’s the to do list.

1- paint the window sills in the kitchen. (you read that right. i still have not done that.)

2- paint the back room.

3- finish the DIY door headboard.

4- paint the hutch.

5- do the edging in the back hall.

6 – take the rest of the tile off the fireplace.

7- get rid of our secret trash pile.

8- pick up dog poo.

9- finish touching up trim in bathroom.

10- hang some pictures or something.

now for placing bets. guess how much of this list will get done by monday. the winner gets something special. but i can’t tell you what because i don’t know.


p.s. – just so you are well informed and so we can spice up this post with some pics. this is another example of a time i was supposed to be productive. i got jealous of oscar getting to sleep all day and so i took a bunch of pictures of us instead of cleaning.