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preparing for the arrival

well now that i’ve finally let it sink in that i’m pregnant (a big, round belly that’s constantly moving has really helped with grasping that concept), it’s time to start working on letting it sink in that pregnancy results in a baby. did you know?! i think this one runs the risk of not actually sinking in until the passenger makes their appearance and possibly until it’s about two years old.

so since i can’t seem to mentally prepare, we’ve been preparing in other ways. like working on the nursery. remember when it looked like this about a month ago?

those were some fun anxiety attacks. luckily i think it’s fair to say we’ve made quite a bit of progress since then.

the whole room got cleaned out, miss maggie (she’s the best!) helped me put a fresh coat of paint on the walls – half of which are a dark, deep navy and the other half a really light, soft grey. then i acquired some furniture off craigslist – a sweet rocking chair and an old dresser that will double as our changing table. i found the decals off of etsy and they WERE A NIGHTMARE to put up on textured walls. mr. hutch and i may or may not have bickered throughout that process while muttering something about the passenger better appreciate those darn decals. then this past weekend, i put on my tool belt and hung the wall of books. 

what’s left? i have plans for some avocado colored curtains (if the online fabric stores ever decides to send me the fabric i ordered weeks ago) along with some fabric roll down shades using one of the fabrics above. and of course lots of plans for some DIY crafty things above the dresser/changing table  and i think we will get a crib at some point.

so basically when i freak out about  what we are going to do with a baby, i focus my attention on decorating the nursery . it’s working out well so far. if i can  hang shelving and deal with the decals i’m sure i can  figure  out things like swaddling and blowouts right?

how else have we been preparing? well by getting showered of course. i absolutely love showers. not for the gifts and the games but for the realization that so many people are already loving on this baby. what a blessing if i do say so myself.

 the denver shower hosted by the sasters and some great friends – complete with an adorable onesie making station. i loved it!

and of course the family shower in chicago. BEE themed with all the special little details like the amazing  beehive cake my mama made.

next – our friend todd was driving through denver and he’s an amazing photographer (check out his work here!) so we shamelessly asked him to take some photos of the bump. tho it was tempting to do a shoot that would earn me a spot on awkward pregnancy photos – we instead opted for the clean, natural (please no cliche) pregnancy photo shoot. here’s a few of my favs. thanks todd!!

finally, i’m helping prepare mr. hutch. not so much for the baby – he’s feeling very confident about that. but more so for the crazy that might come out in his wife from time to time. so i’ll come home ranting and raving about how the heck are we supposed to have a baby if we don’t even have diapers. and then i make lists about all the things we need to do and tell him he’s not allowed to make any plans for the next five weeks because we’ll be busy getting diapers and stuff. poor guy.

just about a month left. i’m sure it will be the most exciting  interesting yet.


early morning workout

what are you supposed to do if your east coast sister wakes you up at 5:30 in the morning and you can’t fall back asleep?

videotape your belly for a solid 15 minutes in the dark obviously.

i know this is probably creepy, weird, and boarderline inappropriate for about 99% of you but for the other 1% i figured i’d post it on my blog. 

tho i was a little grumpy about the early morning wake-up text, the alien the passenger chose to take the opportunity to get in an early morning workout. ‘atta kid. don’t worry, i cut down the footage quite a bit as i’m guessing you won’t find all 15 minutes as fascinating as i do.

happy friday!