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a ukranian and a pole(polander, polak?)

so remember how i said mr. hutch and i would be good about farming out work we couldn”t do ourselves? turns out we don’t really know how to do anything ourselves. which really sucks for this whole DIY blog idea. bumsky. on the bright side, i think our house will still be standing after this reno thanks to a ukranian and a pole (polander, polak? – i tried looking up the correct term for somebody from poland and it seems the subject is in hot debate.) these guys are also known as “john’s guys.” they are also known as the electrician and the plumber. they are also known by the names their mamas gave them – alex and robert.

anyways bungalowhutch’s main floor electric and plumbing are completely up to date thanks to them! yipeeee! we knew we should farm out the plumbing when we couldn’t figure out how to turn off the water. and we knew we should farm out the electric when mr. hutch’s screwdriver, when near an outlet, started making fireworks and resulted with the electricity going out. wise decision on our part to hire an electrician and a plumber? you tell me..

old crazy electrical stuff john said i should take a picture of. also happens to be the source of the fireworks.

helllllllo shower head! how i missed you (and wondered what ardie did for 49 years without you!)


long story longer – both alex and robert were great! and SUCH hard workers. plus i have a crush on alex. he’s cute. and he has a sexy accent. don’t tell his wife and baby i said that. or mr. hutch.

but you should see him whip out his wire cutters from his tool belt!

a creepy sneaky picture i tried to snap of alex with out him noticing. this situation can be added to the list below.

what the two of them thought of mr. hutch and i is probably another story… some highlights from the weekend that i would have loved to have been able to see through their eyes:

***mr. hutch knocking down a pole (not robert, but a wooden pole holding up a wall up in the basement – this is why there is a debate about calling polish people poles…) and it landing on my ankle. me screaming in pain. mr. hutch laughing. me getting mad at mr. hutch for laughing. us fighting and me taking a strike from the work for a (long) while to pout and prove a point. i don’t think the point was proved.  bummer.

***me taking breaks every few minutes talking about how exhausting all of the work was and continually talking about how much hard work i was doing. (while i was talking about hard work alex and robert were doing hard work).

***me being fascinated by this gnarly 5lb carrot the dogs dug up in the backyard and ate for a snack. (hello 3am oscar diarrhea from eating said carrot. oscar is the name of our dog, not a name we have for our diarrhea.) i tried to share my excitement with alex about how fascinating the carrot was and how proud i was the dogs found it. he couldn’t understand what i was saying and i had to say the word carrot like ten times. it kinda lost its luster around the eighth time.  i’m not sure alex found it even remotely amusing. after all, he was trying to work.


exhausted (from digging up that carrot!) construction dog. i think he even has some remnants left on his beard.

***me (while taking another break if you must know) exclaiming how funny it would be to get all of the dogs (greta wouldn’t cooperate – she was afraid adam would find out and yell at her) in the pink bathtub in the backyard with me in it too. and then screaming, “mr. hutch! get the camera!!! take a picture. take another one, wait one more! isn’t this so funny!” all the while alex and robert looked at me like i was insane. “what do you do again? work with with mental health or need mental health ?!?”

totally worth the humiliation for this hot impromptu photo shoot.

clearly not everyone is as amused as i am.

***me showing some girlfriends that stopped by all of “our” hard work. they were on their way to the nail salon and i was devastated and whining about the fact that i couldn’t go with them to get mani/pedis. i’m sure robart empathized with me when i started talking about how my cuticles were just shot from all this hard work the fact that i bite my fingers til they bleed.

a couple of observations here. first – i guess these stories are all about me. so perhaps robert and alex only thought i was nutso (tho maybe mr. hutch for legally agreeing to be connected to me). and second of all, i’m pretty sure robert and alex didn’t love me as much as i loved them. oh well….better luck with the hvac guy.

alex's fiiiiiiiiiine work with our new can lights!

drywall goes in this week! (we won’t be doing that ourselves either….oops! sorry DIY blog!)