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i’ve learned something about myself. i’m not good at little projects. i need big massive overhauls to get excited about. so, i’m over finishing the details on our main floor. when you come over, don’t ask why that piece of trim is missing or why i still haven’t painted the window sills despite saying i’m going to for the past 209438 days. and in the meantime, i’ll stop pretending i’m going to do much of anything around here.

in light of this self revelation – i’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of giving the front of our house a major facelift. from the moment we i put an offer on the place, i knew the vinyl siding would not be with us for long. oh? you haven’t seen the face of bungalowhutch blogging world? well take a look…

it’s hard to tell from this picture, but we have gold/black shiny sticky letters/numbers that say our address on that oh so pretty green vinyl. ha! it’s so ugly. (sorry bungalowhutch, the truth hurts!) i was convinced the same day we closed on the house i would march right over to our new home and rip those off….alas here we are 4.5 months later and they are still there. yuck. even my dad made fun of them. that’s how i know they’re bad.

so, with springtime here and everyone being out and about (one of the things i adore about our new ‘hood) it’s time for a makeover. here’s what i’ve got for inspiration…


love bold painted bungalows! especially the front door!

a more classic take

i heart this color scheme on houses.

this is my real favorite/inspritation. the rest were just filler. i LOVE everything about this look. i LOVE the light blue porch and i LOVE the green door, and i LOVE the blue brick and well everything! sorry, momentary freak out about how much i love this look!

ok. before you wet yourself. yes, all of these are painted brick! this is what i’m thinking, this is what i want to do! try and stop me.

fine. i won’t do it. leave me alone. i won’t do it because i know painting our brick is committing bungalow suicide. or so “they” say. but i’m determined for bungalowhutch to have some color on the outside. so how about the following as an alternative…

1. tear off the vinyl siding and replace with stained cedar shingles (i’m thinking a lightblue/blue-grey color) on the back eaves (is that a word?) tho even painting the shingles, certain people are protesting. natural cannot always be the way to go!


here's a natural brick bungalow with some cedar shingles to give you an idea of what it looks like, but like i said, i want them stained/painted! sue me.

maybe this color of shingle?! come on! it's only going to be a small part of it...

2. on the front eaves (see above about about whether this is a word or not) also rip off the vinyl siding and do an exposed timber look with the vaulted ceiling, like you see in this picture.

this is a neighbor’s house. hello neighbor!


3. rip out the hideous black iron railing. do you see it up there?

4. paint the hideous hunter green porch a beautiful deep navy color. (like the color of that house!)

5. paint the door. you just wet yourself again. fine – i won’t paint the door, but i want to! i love painted doors!

door in question. yes it's a beautiful door. it would also be beautiful that green color 🙂

6. add some cherry apple red rocking chairs and a fun neutral rug with navy accents

7. hang some lanterns and plants along with a cool light from the soon to be vaulted ceiling.

8. oh did i mention leaving the trim white?


can you see my vision? crazy? good? recommended changes? anyone want to give me permission to go crazy with the paint!?

ok so what have we learned? my mental health is questionable. we should have moved to the pacific northwest where painting your bungalow is not only cool, it’s expected. and i really want to paint my bungalow but i promise i won’t so there won’t be a need for the intervention i’ve heard some of you whispering about.

*oh. sorry about the lack of photo credits – again. i’ve realized i’m not a “real” blog yet so i i’ve decided i’m off the hook…


update: ha! i titled this blog post as haters as a joke and forgot to change it. i titled it haters when i started writing because i was bitter thinking of all the haters of painted brick/doors. which is basically the whole world. oops. i guess i’ll leave it since i’m still feeling bitter.


omg. and please help.

omg. i blogged about my laundry yesterday. this is supposed to be a home renovating blog. clearly i was without caffeine.

luckily – the plumber guy saved my day yesterday (and gave me a lecture about vegetable peels and the garbage disposal) along with the washing machine delivery men. i’ve never been so happy to do laundry in my life. this morning i woke up wondering what else i could wash….

anyways – time to get back in the saddle with improving bungalowhutch. now that my dishes are no longer piling out of control in my sink, i can see this again.


that is a close up of the window sill over our sink.


in case you need some perspective. or in case you we're thinking our house was totally beautified - here's what this sucker looks like.

so – this needs to change. but what should we do? and how should we do it? i’m thinking of bright white paint over that nasty off- white paint to match the cabinets and make the windows pop out of their little caves. (they are set back so far because we had to build the wall out from the original plaster/brick walls to accommodate for things like plumbing and electricity. and our walls were so uneven hanging cabinets would have been a disaster with out the new walls…(i’m talking like you care, but guessing you probably don’t.)

my other thought was something more bold for the trim on the window itself. like a deep grey… would that look good??

my real problem is what to do with the trim. we originally wanted to just do a white wood trim around the window box itself to match the existing window trim in the house. but – there is no room. we didn’t really think about that when we built out the walls and got the cabinets. oops.


there is definitely no room for trim around the window with this little guy...the other window in the kitchen.

and keep in mind – we eventually want to put in a glass subway tile backsplash. either an olivey green to pick up on the accent paint or a bluey-greeny-gray….you can picture that, right?


something like this (found randomly here).
or this green - but only as a backsplash - not covering the whole wall. we couldn't afford that.
or this green – but only as a backsplash – not covering the whole wall. we couldn’t afford that.


or this pretty stuff. (photo from country living)

oh and also keep in mind, when we win the lottery eventually something like this will be hanging over our kitchen sink.


oh restoration hardware - can you give me this for free?

so…. what should we do!?!?!

just trim on the bottome ledge? no trim? bright white paint? dark grey paint? i’m all over the place – clearly. so tell me what to do.

oh. and can you also tell me how to do it!?

did you make the blog?

did you make the blog? rumor has it you’re no one if you’re not anyone who made the blog. the bungalowhutch blog that is. (it’s basically the internet’s version of page six.)  and the only people that made the blog came one of denver’s hottest parties at bungalowhutch.


people we’re dressed to the nines…. designer jeans circa 2002, t-shirts that said Hutchinson on them, baggy sweats, ponytails adorned with flecks of paint, mismatched socks, mascara under the eyes, it was practically vogue magazine come to life.


lady gaga & boxed wine  (in previously used plastic cups found lying around the house) we’re the main attractions and take my word for it. they did not disappoint.


i think these photos speak for themselves.


katie made the blog and got the party started

maggie is a PRO. and for hire...

talking about how much fun the party is

party continued on friday when the cabinets arrived

as you can see the party really started when these girls arrived.

a natural - never painted & partied prior to now.

rachel can paint too.

ali- "this is my most favorite party in the whole world" rachel "mine too!"


back to work you two!!

cabinet installation is key to any rager

so again I ask – did YOU make the blog!?






psssssst – if you’re redoing a house make sure you have good friends you can bribe into helping you with by having a faux party where they help you work on it. can’t be done with out them!


extra pssssst – this blog is outta date already. i haven’t had internet access for days so there are a LOT of updates. stay tuned.

important impromptu paint (and other tasks) party

i forgot that sometimes the perfect remedy for feeling blue is having a party.

last night i had an impromptu painting party with some of my favs (katie&maggie) and it was spectacular. we got a bunch of paint up on the wall while listening to some lady gaga and drinking adult beverages. the spalsh of colors on the wall combined with the rager was just what i needed to get feel like a genius again.

so….this weekend instead of thinking of it as working on the house, we’ll be thinking of it as having one giant weekend party. starting today and lasting til sunday night. we’ll be painting, work on trim, installing cabinets and appliances, putting up beadboard, putting in toilets and sinks, and i’m sure a million other littler things i’ve forgotten are on our task list. even the ukranian and the polak are joining us!

this is your formal invitation. no need to rsvp. just come party at bungalowhutch.*

image from our last ragin' party



*food and beverages provided. come day or night.


stealing (paint colors)

it’s time to pick out paint colors.

here’s the thing. i’m not that good at envisioning how things will look. i neglected to steal my mom’s artistic genes on the way out of the womb. i hate boring (read white and beige) but am scared of over doing it. i don’t care about being original. and there are 103,924,587 different colors of paint to choose from.

i’m hyperventilating just thinking about it. that leaves me with one option.

steal other people’s ideas.

so after stalking blogs and shamelessly asking people for the names of the paint colors on their walls while at their house – here’s what i’m thinking stealing….

for the main floor living area (kitchen, dining, and living) i shall go with this scheme in one way or another:

maybe a bit more olive on the brown one?

for the bathroom i point to these colors:

i want to paint wainscot that blueish color??? and i love the idea of a pop of orange somewhere.
i want to paint wainscot that blueish color??? and i love the idea of a pop of orange somewhere.

for the guest bedroom i shall be the most daring:

i really want to paint at least a couple of the walls the really dark blue, maybe even darker

for the master i shall sneak in some romance:

master bed = romantical?

whadda ya think?

here’s what i think. i think i’m screwed. on the other DIY/home renovating blogs/people with more time than me  – i see them buy paint samples and paint walls and sit and think about it for days. then slowly they narrow it down (like an art) one by one, til choosing the perfect color and then live happily ever after with it. gag me.

i’m serious. one blog i stalk (and trust me they don’t read mine so i can  be jealous of them mock them) literally stuck up tons and tons of paint chips on ONE wall in their house and day by day eliminated chip by chip until they ended up with the perfect color. it took them weeks to decide.  i ain’t got no time for that. (i’m too busy reading their blogs.) i want it done last week.

the bottom line is that we’ve got to choose paint colors and we’ve got to choose them now! we’re going to cali for the weekend for a fabulous friend’s wedding  and when we get back we have to paint.

i’ve never been one to think things through or make rational decisions. i’m impulsive. hence the fact that we sold our house in a day and landed in this mess a renovation project to begin with. so i’m fine with being irrational about choosing paint colors as well. however – it’d be nice if someone put a stop to the madness.

so this is your chance to help the irrational naive home renovator. give me some feedback ’cause the color schemes/walls will be these colors if you don’t stop me now.

stop me.

i don’t know what i’m doing!!

p.s. – mr. hutch what do you think? i know we haven’t talked about it yet. you got an opinion or what?