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happy friday

happy friday folks.

i know one of the biggest reasons you all missed the updated blog posts was a lack of pictures of oscar. well here you have it.

this dog has become SO needy. which i love. i’ve always wanted him to be a snuggle buddy and until recently he’s downright refused. well, we shaved him bald practically about a month ago, and since then he’s been much more snugly. perhaps he’s cold. either way – a dog i used to have to bribe to come in the bed with me, randomly jumped his skin and bones into my lap yesterday while i was typing on the computer. a little photo booth session ensued.

like i said, happy friday.


it’s almost tomorrow!

it’s almost tomorrow and tomorrow is a VERY exciting day!! some of my most favorite girls in the whole world are coming for our annual girl’s weekend. this year – bungalowhutch and i are hosting and i could not be more ecstatic!

it’s these girls! minus one that can’t come but it’s too painful to talk about so we won’t. also minus two prego bellies and plus a new one!

so – since i’m busy scrubbin’ and polishin’ and peein’ my pants there’s no time for a real blog. instead, i’ll give you a video of our catdog. it’s kinda like a shehe or shim. yes, we think oscar might be part tiger pussy cat based on his ability to purrrr like no other. and tho some nights around here are extraordinary, most nights you should know consist of us being wildly entertained by oscar and taking videos of him.

wonderful and scary things

oopsies. i’ve committed blogland death by not blogging for two weeks! so you’ve stopped following…it’s not like i was making the big bucks on this thing as planned. besides – i’m sure my mom is still reading. and mr. hutch will take a glance  because he fears the dreaded…”YOU DIDN’T READ MY BLOG!?!??!”

who said two readers isn’t nice.

so in attempt to come back from death – you should know some wonderful and scary things going on around here.

first – the wonderful. (simply because the scary is more dramatic -always a better note to end on.)

FLOWERS!! ardie’s garden is LOVELY! we can even see it’s beauty in the midst of the jungle we’ve let overgrow it. more importantly – we can pick the flowers. i love fresh flowers in bungalowhutch and plucking them from our (ardie’s)  garden beats paying an arm & a leg for them. currently in bloom are some bright pink and peach peonies and some even brighter pink and peach roses. here’s a few snaps via instagram.

not so lovely and more on the scary side? welllll…..we were flash cleaning our house today and mr. hutch ran downstairs to  sometimes scary unfinished basement to put some stuff away when he found a birdie hanging out on his tool bench. he tried to “shoo” it back outside but it insensibly squawked at him instead. i was afraid to go down there ’cause all i could picture was the bird attacking me. (he thought it was a baby bird that hadn’t yet learned how to fly). anyways – for about 20 minutes i heard the shuffle of brooms, buckets, and squawks when finally mr. hutch emerged running outside with a bucket using the broom as a lid to release the bird. scary? perhaps not, but then check this out:

we like to eat din din outside in the summer. it just makes sense (no. that’s not the scary part either). so we’re sitting outside leisurely enjoying the feast i had prepared when all of the sudden attack of the angry birds ensued. oscar (the construction dog the trouble making dog) had been tormenting the baby bird that mr. hutch had recently released from the captivity of the dungeon. its momma wasn’t having ANY of it. she made some shrill noises and literally the next thing you know there were dozens of black birds swarming to our back yard perching on anything they saw fit (i might be exaggerating if i said one was on my head) and sqwaking as if the world was ending. i secretly wanted to dash inside picturing them coming at me all at once and pecking me to death. luckily the doorbell rang (literally – have i told you about our old fashion doorbell?)  and we conveniently had the excuse we needed to grab the remains of our feast, escape the mass of angry birds preparing to attack any minute, and finish eating inside like it was no big deal – we weren’t scared. but let me tell you. it was scary.

the innocent looking instigator

needless to say. oscar is under tight watch until the wittle babie bwirdie werns to fly.

the moral of the story? i dunno. don’t not blog for two weeks so you don’t end up blogging about angry birds? don’t’ download angry birds for an app? do more work around the house?

it’s the weekend – you pick.

happy weekend!!