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preparing for the arrival

well now that i’ve finally let it sink in that i’m pregnant (a big, round belly that’s constantly moving has really helped with grasping that concept), it’s time to start working on letting it sink in that pregnancy results in a baby. did you know?! i think this one runs the risk of not actually sinking in until the passenger makes their appearance and possibly until it’s about two years old.

so since i can’t seem to mentally prepare, we’ve been preparing in other ways. like working on the nursery. remember when it looked like this about a month ago?

those were some fun anxiety attacks. luckily i think it’s fair to say we’ve made quite a bit of progress since then.

the whole room got cleaned out, miss maggie (she’s the best!) helped me put a fresh coat of paint on the walls – half of which are a dark, deep navy and the other half a really light, soft grey. then i acquired some furniture off craigslist – a sweet rocking chair and an old dresser that will double as our changing table. i found the decals off of etsy and they WERE A NIGHTMARE to put up on textured walls. mr. hutch and i may or may not have bickered throughout that process while muttering something about the passenger better appreciate those darn decals. then this past weekend, i put on my tool belt and hung the wall of books. 

what’s left? i have plans for some avocado colored curtains (if the online fabric stores ever decides to send me the fabric i ordered weeks ago) along with some fabric roll down shades using one of the fabrics above. and of course lots of plans for some DIY crafty things above the dresser/changing table  and i think we will get a crib at some point.

so basically when i freak out about  what we are going to do with a baby, i focus my attention on decorating the nursery . it’s working out well so far. if i can  hang shelving and deal with the decals i’m sure i can  figure  out things like swaddling and blowouts right?

how else have we been preparing? well by getting showered of course. i absolutely love showers. not for the gifts and the games but for the realization that so many people are already loving on this baby. what a blessing if i do say so myself.

 the denver shower hosted by the sasters and some great friends – complete with an adorable onesie making station. i loved it!

and of course the family shower in chicago. BEE themed with all the special little details like the amazing  beehive cake my mama made.

next – our friend todd was driving through denver and he’s an amazing photographer (check out his work here!) so we shamelessly asked him to take some photos of the bump. tho it was tempting to do a shoot that would earn me a spot on awkward pregnancy photos – we instead opted for the clean, natural (please no cliche) pregnancy photo shoot. here’s a few of my favs. thanks todd!!

finally, i’m helping prepare mr. hutch. not so much for the baby – he’s feeling very confident about that. but more so for the crazy that might come out in his wife from time to time. so i’ll come home ranting and raving about how the heck are we supposed to have a baby if we don’t even have diapers. and then i make lists about all the things we need to do and tell him he’s not allowed to make any plans for the next five weeks because we’ll be busy getting diapers and stuff. poor guy.

just about a month left. i’m sure it will be the most exciting  interesting yet.


i am not dead, i am still pregnant.

dear people of earth.

good news: i am not dead.

great news: i am still pregnant.

bad news: they wouldn’t let me blog during my stay in the looney bin.

ok maybe i haven’t actually been deemed certifiably insane and locked up, but at times over the last two months i probably should have been thanks to a little thing i like to call, my life is total chaos. really just our house is total chaos, but somehow that manages to feel like my life.

and just in case you don’t know what i mean by our house is total chaos. here is a picture i snapped of our basement a few weeks back.


and no, that is not a pirated picture from a long lost planet in outer space. it really is our basement. and yes, the amount of dust renovations of such a magnitude create is completely and utterly unfathomable and unmanageable.

and in case that doesn’t feel like chaos enough to you…do you remember how we are having a baby in about eight short weeks? welp, here’s a picture of the nursery i snapped this morning. 

isn’t it pretty? i think i see some room for a baby somewhere in the back there. sometimes mr. hutch has to deadbolt the door (thanks ardie for installing deadbolts on the bedroom doors! i never knew why you did that until now…) and hide the key to keep me from going in there out of fear i’ll start my anxiety induced weeping and gnashing of the teeth cycle.

oh, and did you know that there is this thing when you are pregnant called nesting? i want nothing more than an impeccably clean house, completely organized, with everything neatly in its place. instead i’ve been living with a toilet in my kitchen, a car seat in my fireplace, and an inch of dust on everything in between.

i think there should be some kinda of mental health diagnosis for moms-to-be who suffer from this scenario. perhaps along the lines of PTSD. my symptoms mainly include wrapping myself into a fetal position and rocking back and forth rendering me unable to form sentences much less write blog posts. (hence the lack of blogging.)

fortunately for you and the rest of the inter-webs – i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. our basement is closer to looking like a living space. if i hadn’t been so busy hanging out in the fetal position, you would know that we* dug up the old concrete floors, replaced all the old plumbing, poured new concrete floors, replaced all the HVAC, installed AC, redid all the electrical, framed out a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, storage closet and living area, installed an egress window, and as of today finished drywalling. in fact all we have left to do is paint, install the floors/tile and put up trim (at least i think that’s all that is left so don’t tell me otherwise). and once those things are done we will have literally doubled our living space i can move ALL OF THE JUNK that is stashed in every nook and cranny of the upstairs back down stairs and slowly start to regain control of my life again.

i seriously fantasize about this day people. 

so. since we’re on the up and up over here at bungalowhutch you should anticipate more blogging. i’m thinking i’ll share with you some of my plans. i got birth plans, decorating plans, plans to sleep for a few weeks before the baby comes, all sorts of plans. 

until then, if i have vicariously given you an anxiety attack with those pictures – my sincerest apologies.

oh and the latest  bump picture for good measure.

*by we i mean mr. hutch and “our people.”

we’re strange birds

so, we can’t get into our house right now. at least not through the front. our beautiful old front door along with its old original doorknob is well…old. 

this door has always been a little feisty. sometimes it locks on its own, sometimes it opens on its own, sometimes it requires unique combinations of twisting, turning, and pulling to get it open. and sometimes, when it’s feeling generous, it works like a charm.

lately however, it has become apparent that the doorknob itself is dead. (insert joke about it being deader than a that a joke? or is a door nail?) it no longer operates from the outside which means we can no longer get inside if we’re outside. are you following?

here’s where we are strange birds. fix the problem? nah.

mr. hutch wants to replace the beautiful antique doorknob with some brassy, modern punch in the numbers automatic locking device.* i want to repair the doorknob and give it a second chance on life. i mean – how ugly and unfitting would that modern piece of convenience be with our beautiful old door. a while ago we made our opinions known, said our peace  and apparently have silently agreed to solve the problem by simply ignoring it.

since we actively ignore the situation – i find it quite amusing when we come home and head straight for the back door. neither of us says anything, complains, or even argues about this. and neither of us apparently cares enough to do anything about it. we’re content to disagree on a solution other than to simply leave our house through the front door, and come back in through the back. 

and every time i go through the backdoor with out a word being spoken, i chuckle to myself thinking about how long this could go on. my guess is when we go to sell the house we’ll come to a resolution. so, 5-10 years then? i wouldn’t be surprised if we just build a garage in the back instead so the backdoor becomes our primary entrance/exit anyways, leaving little reason to even fix the front door.

maybe we’re lazy, maybe we’re stubborn, but quite frankly i think we’re just strange.

*by the way, we have one of these on our backdoor, and i love it. it just doesn’t belong on the front door. 

more thoughts on the passenger

the passenger post was wildly more popular than i thought it would be. i guess the whole, have a life-changing event to enhance your blog is a sure thing.  as a back up, we’re going to start refinishing the basement this month, so when i run out of thoughts on the passenger, we’ll have some blog worthy material that actually has to do with home renovating. yippee!

now, if i could just find the time to blog we’d be in great shape, the blog and i.

ok back to the passenger. hmm, i think i left off in an awkward state between denial and excitement but mostly denial. i’ve graduated to the, holycrapywearehavingababy mixed with elation stage.

here are my most recent thoughts:

* every morning i look at the belly creeping up out on me. mr. hutch swears it’s a baby bump, but i’m not entirely convinced it’s not actually a FOOD baby due to the massive amounts of calories i consumed over the holidays.

* tho i once feared maternity clothes based on an assumption of ugliness and frumpiness, i’ve recently discovered  designer maternity skinny jeans. and thanks to myhabit i can afford them. they are not only more comfortable but more stylish than my non-fat, everyday jeans. hallejuah, a pregnancy fear conquered. i still won’t be caught dead in an empire waist-ed or one of those ruched along the sides tops. famous last words? likely.

* i love being the pregnant one. i think i would be really sad if mr. hutch got to be pregnant and i didn’t. it’s fun having a little passenger to hang out with all the time. i like to talk to it in my head and am convinced it’s trying to send me messages through movement. most recently it said, “feed me a hot ‘n spicy or i’ll sit on your bladder again.”

* speaking of bladders. peeing has become such a chore and appears to be very inefficient these days. i already wasn’t a fan of having to waste my time using the restroom and prided myself on minimal visits to the toilet. the whole situation has turned down right obnoxious and i’m declaring this the worst part of pregnancy. my friends with small bladders, and you know who you are, i pray for you daily – should pregnancy arise upon you.

* i recently had a revelation that i am now mentally preparing for: there is a possibility the passenger might be a boy. don’t get me wrong, i still know it’s a girl, but on the off chance my “willing” method for gender determination doesn’t work and those chinese-gender chart people are wrong, i’ve let the teeny tiny thought that it might have a penis creep into the back of my head. progress people.

* and if it is a boy, it will not be the 5th. seeing as mr. hutch is more affectionately known as edward howard hutchinson the 4th – it’s quite the common question. sorry to disappoint. as a compromise tho – we are toying with the idea of edward howard hutchinson the 27th.

* i have a vision for the nursery. and by vision i mean i stole someone’s nursery ideas off pintrest. i am very nervous that the last 20 weeks of this pregnancy are going to go by as fast as the first (REALLLLLLY REALLLLLY SUPER FAST!!!!!!) and i need to get started on said nursery. STAT. but first we need to finish the basement so the future nursery can be cleared out. i’m overwhelmed. time is running out. it feels like the passenger is arriving any minute now!

* as a result of this whole pregnancy thing going by at lightening speed, i have a feeling i won’t fully come to terms with the fact that i’m pregnant until i have the baby. at which point i’ll have to process the fact that i have a baby. i feel one-step behind already.

*which brings me to thoughts on registering for the passenger. (please stop reading here if you are uninterested in ranting/raving and skip to the pictures. seriously.) do you know how much crap there is for babies!?!?!!? do you know how much crap people think you need!?! i recently read a registry guide on a baby blog and they suggested buying multiple breastfeeding pillows so if you needed to nurse but the pillow was upstairs you were downstairs you wouldn’t have to go get it cause you could just keep one on each floor of your house. wtf!?!?! i’m still unclear as to why you can’t just use a normal pillow, or actually why you need a pillow at all. and who can sleep at night when they own something named, “my breastfriend.” and don’t get me started with all the contraptions you can put the baby in: bouncers, swings, seats, jumpers!??!?!  what happened to your arms people? and when those get tired, there is something called a floor. do i really need one, much less all of these things???? am i that naive???? perhaps this is going into the empire-waisted shirts famous last words category but i REALLY hope not.

* i’d like to keep ranting and raving on the above topic (in fact i just wrote a nice long tasty paragraph and then deleted it out of fear of losing all four of my readers and offending mothers everywhere), but in the spirit of humility i’ll recognize that since i really don’t know what i’m talking about when it comes to all things baby – i’ll wait til after the passenger arrives to put in my two cents about baby crap. in the meantime, i’ll register for things i think are cute.

ok before i offend anyone else or god forbid get started on the whole “push present”…i’ll leave you with some 20 week goodness.

view from the inside
view from the outside

christmas time is here

christmas time is here and so is my family*!

this year, christmas is ushering in a new era. mr. hutch & i will be hosting my family right very here at bungalowhutch. after 8-10 years of traveling “home” for the holidays, we are staying home and welcoming family into our doors.

this is such a blessing. on so many levels. i feel so lovey-dovey when i think of my family trekking across the country to come celebrate christmas time, my favorite holiday, here in denver. thank you family. this means a lot to mr. hutch and me.

i also feel so grown up. i mean i’ve hosted thanksgiving before, but that’s child’s play compared to the sacred hosting of christmas. menu ideas, wine selections, sleeping arrangements, oyster orders, table settings and more have been swirling through my head the last few weeks in anticipation of their arrival. most of the time, i still feel about 16, but when my table is set for ten, a champagne toast is had and a feast is served, i’ll realize i must have grown up somewhere along the way.

which also makes me think of the passenger. the best christmas present this year. tho she** is on backorder til may, she represents quite a lot. the passenger is the epitome of this new era of hosting christmas, growing up, denver being home, our own family traditions. the torch is being passed down.

and did i mention i was excited? and happy? and overwhelmed with thankfulness. for my family, for this season.

now if only i could get mr. hutch to understand why i need to buy “christmas presents” for the passenger and to stop calling said things expensive rags…

merry christmas world!

bungalowhutch ready for her guests

*most of them anyways. those not here WILL BE MISSED!

**i couldn’t resist. don’t be mad mr. hutch. even tho i’m forbidden to refer to the passenger as a she since i don’t actually know it’s  a she, i’m hoping you’ll excuse it this one time. after all, it’s christmas!

thankful thanksgiving thanks

so much, so much to be thankful for. 

thankful thanksgiving thanks this year in no particular order:

* HOME. little bungalowhutch makes me smile. our hearts are in every nook and cranny of this house. i love that.

* SISTERS. near (very) FAR, wherever they are, life is better with them.

* OSCAR roscar bear. he loves when i sing to him and never finds me annoying.

* HUSBAND you’re too good to me. shhh, that’s a secret. oh and i’m thankful you’re dashing.

* JESUS. he loves me this i know.

* CELEBRATIONS. thankful for so many this year. showers, birthdays, holidays, weddings. i am thankful for reasons to party.

* ADVENTURE. especially when i stumble upon you.

* FRIENDS. you know who you are and i love you.

* AIRPLANES. for helping me see my friends that haven’t yet decided to live in denver.

* COOKING. i’m thankful for the joy of cooking and the food it puts in our bellies.

*MOM. for commenting on all my blogs. you must love me.

* HEALTH. i’m sorry i take you for granted, but i really am thankful for you.

* WORK. just because i hate you on monday mornings, doesn’t mean i’m not thankful to have you.

* DAD. i’m thankful for your selfless love, your support, and your tiling abilities.

*PERFUME. and well really all good smelling things. you always make me happy.

* MOUNTAINS. what would i do without you. every stinking season you are fun.

* BABY in my belly. i love you (even tho you are going to make my clothes not fit).

happy thanksgiving to all!

psst – see those stairs!? that’s what i want to do to the stairs to my basement – which just might be getting its reno on after the holidays. i’m thankful for that too!


people keep asking me what happened to the blog? tho i don’t have an answer, the inquiries were just enough to motivate a resurrection. and nothing like a cozy winter day to sit down and dust off the ol’ blog.

and yes i said winter. it started snowing late last night and hasn’t stopped. the confusion of the seasons is certainly controversial (it was 80 degrees on monday – summer? and the leaves are bright orange and deep red – fall? but there are six inches of snow on the ground – winter?).  people are either loving it or hating it.

this year, i say bring it on. i’m ready for the snow, for winter, for the season.

there is something about winter that forces you to slow down. and after this past year, i’m ready to slow down. it’s almost exactly a year ago that mr. hutch left for the DR and uttered those famous last words, “please don’t buy a house while i’m gone.” i’m pretty sure our lives have been a whirlwhind since.

so, with winter comes the anticipation of hunkering down, snuggling up, staying warm, sitting by the fire, being thankful, awaiting the holidays, daily extra-hot soy chai lattes, driving carefully, cozy-ing up with a book, candlelight, christmas music, twinkling lights, slippers and robes. and like i said – slowing down.

so as taboo as it may be to be grateful for this snowy october day, i’m falling head first this year into the rest that winter promises to offer.

oh and the added bonus?  the snow hides our dead front lawn and makes our still not done front of the house look not too shabby. longest. project. ever.

happy winter blogland.