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we worked on the house

you guys, we did like a real project around here. it reminded me so much of the good old days. nothing like the recent scrapings at the bottom of the home renovation barrel.

we found out the tilemaster was planning on being in denver over a 24hr work-free period and immediately began soliciting help for our kitchen backsplash. remember when i talked about that way back when? nine months later we got around to it.

at this rate, the house will be done when we’re dead.

anyways, like most projects around here, the whole thing was totally haphazard and turned out great. i realize we really do make the best reno decisions under pressure and when we have little to no time to plan or ponder things. instead of scouring for the perfect tile, the perfect colors, the perfect deal, we showed up to flo’ & deco’ friday night, found some tile,  got to work saturday morning, and finished the last of the grouting by sunday evening. no shopping around and taking our time around here folks. planning is for losers. do or die .

overall the process went smoothly. there were only two marital fights. one regarding mr. hutch wanting to watch sports in the morning rather than tile and one about how the accent tile should be laid out. i would have won both feuds but since my dad was here and he always takes mr. hutch’s side, i was ganged up on and lost the accent tile battle. mr. hutch thinks the color of the accent tile is poo and didn’t want it at all so in some ways perhaps i still won.

but who’s keeping score!? (me.) nothing like a little competition to keep the fire burnin’.

small marital feuds aside, the three of us worked like a well oiled machine and got ‘er done. and now we have a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

what do YOU think?


getting practical

so remember when i wanted this beautiful light fixture from restoration hardware. i dreamed about how wonderful it would look above my farmhouse sink…

yet the $400 price tag always woke me up abruptly.

there just never seems to be a good time to spend that kind of money on a light fixture. because quite frankly we don’t have that kind of money to spend on a light fixture. boo hoo.

so. when mr. hutch and i were aimlessly wondering the halls of home depot a few weeks ago, and i saw this, for a mere $30, i resigned to the fact that we needed a light fixture, and we don’t have $400.

then that got me thinking about the $250 wall sconces i wanted for the bathroom. and how we also don’t have $500 to spend on lighting fixtures in there. and more importantly how sick i was of those blue boxes and holes in the wall staring at me. so i found some sconces and clear shades for the bargain price of $15 each.

so with my $60 worth of light fixtures in tow, what i really had a desire to do was call alex, my favorite ukranian electrician, and watch him work his magic. but, we’re practically experts in home remodeling these days, and the days of having no idea what we were doing when it came  to  hard wiring light fixtures are long gone. this unfortunately was no longer anopportunity to call alex.

instead, my other favorite electrician got to work – mr. hutch.

look! we’re even smart enough to turn off the electric when working with electric. experts i tell ya. so later that night we had this.

and this.

whadda ya think? so that’s what’s happening around here. we’re being a bit more practical in order for things to actually get done. which means i’m probably going to have to give up on the $150 per roll wallpaper, if there’s ever going to be any wallpaper in that bathroom. (although i’m so overwhelmed with wallpaper i think i might give up on it completely.) it also means mr. hutch thinks he’s a certified electrician and he now has this crazy idea that he would want to try and do all the electrical work when we finish the basement. it’s not that i don’t believe in him, it’s that we wouldn’t get to see alex again….

we’ll see how practical we get then.

stars aligned

i think there is a super moon or something going around, and after last night, i’m realizing the stars must be aligned too. why? because we now have an island hood! here’s the story of how it came to be.

first, in bed late last thursday night, i was bored and randomly found an island hood from the o for what seemed to be a bargain price.

then – mr. hutch and i debated whether or not it’s an island mount or wall mount. the pictures were confusing and apparently he didn’t think the title “island mount hood” meant island mount hood. i order it anyways.

next – my dad comes in to town yesterday somewhat last minute for work. we go out for lunch.

most important part of story – we arrive back home to a fed ex man pulling up with my new hood! what luck! i had no idea it would come so soon! and on a day my dad was here with the afternoon free.

miracle of miracles.

then i leave for work and click my heels three times.

i come home a few hours later to this.


next – family happens to come over to  celebrate dad’s birthday dinner.  great, now we just happen to have some extra strong men around the house.  that’s convenient.

a quick trip to home depot, a break for an indian feast, and a happy birthday song later…

we have this!


like i said, the stars must have been aligned or something because i’m realizing this is the only way things get done around here. oh, and it was still hanging this morning. that’s good news too.

thank you dad! and mr. hutch! and brother-in-laws! and saster!


(would this whole story change and sound slightly manipulative if i said i’m ordering wallpaper to arrive on the same day my mom does? never mind then.)

omg. and please help.

omg. i blogged about my laundry yesterday. this is supposed to be a home renovating blog. clearly i was without caffeine.

luckily – the plumber guy saved my day yesterday (and gave me a lecture about vegetable peels and the garbage disposal) along with the washing machine delivery men. i’ve never been so happy to do laundry in my life. this morning i woke up wondering what else i could wash….

anyways – time to get back in the saddle with improving bungalowhutch. now that my dishes are no longer piling out of control in my sink, i can see this again.


that is a close up of the window sill over our sink.


in case you need some perspective. or in case you we're thinking our house was totally beautified - here's what this sucker looks like.

so – this needs to change. but what should we do? and how should we do it? i’m thinking of bright white paint over that nasty off- white paint to match the cabinets and make the windows pop out of their little caves. (they are set back so far because we had to build the wall out from the original plaster/brick walls to accommodate for things like plumbing and electricity. and our walls were so uneven hanging cabinets would have been a disaster with out the new walls…(i’m talking like you care, but guessing you probably don’t.)

my other thought was something more bold for the trim on the window itself. like a deep grey… would that look good??

my real problem is what to do with the trim. we originally wanted to just do a white wood trim around the window box itself to match the existing window trim in the house. but – there is no room. we didn’t really think about that when we built out the walls and got the cabinets. oops.


there is definitely no room for trim around the window with this little guy...the other window in the kitchen.

and keep in mind – we eventually want to put in a glass subway tile backsplash. either an olivey green to pick up on the accent paint or a bluey-greeny-gray….you can picture that, right?


something like this (found randomly here).
or this green - but only as a backsplash - not covering the whole wall. we couldn't afford that.
or this green – but only as a backsplash – not covering the whole wall. we couldn’t afford that.


or this pretty stuff. (photo from country living)

oh and also keep in mind, when we win the lottery eventually something like this will be hanging over our kitchen sink.


oh restoration hardware - can you give me this for free?

so…. what should we do!?!?!

just trim on the bottome ledge? no trim? bright white paint? dark grey paint? i’m all over the place – clearly. so tell me what to do.

oh. and can you also tell me how to do it!?

wake-up call

so we’re a little less white trash this morning as evidenced by the fact that there is no longer a sofa on our front porch.

the unfortunate part of getting the sofa into the house is that the process itself caused me to reconsider my vows to mr. hutch. it was a total disaster and i’m not exaggerating when i say it was the worst part of this whole experience to date.

i wish i had a video of the whole experience. it was awful. i was wearing wedge heals (that’s all i could find and mr. hutch wouldn’t let me wear his shoes) and the stupid thing was SO heavy and bulky and awkward to carry. i’d make it like two feet before we would have to set it down and regroup. mr. hutch was getting so frustrated with me (and my shoes) which only made my claws come up. did i mention it was a disaster?

needless to say we got the stupid thing in and i went to bed reconsidering my plans to replace it due to never wanting to have to move it again.  my sleep consisted of nightmares about the 239048 boxes that needed to be unpacked and so i woke up at 4a. i surrender to my insomnia around 5a and started unpacking boxes. the first of which was the espresso machine. i made an americano using very hot water from the bathroom sink (kichen is still not hooked up – hopefully today). it didn’t work that well but i was ecstatic to be making history at bungalowhutch with my first cup of home brewed coffee here. a giant victory.

this is why i woke up at 4a

4 hours later i’m feeling surprisingly chipper about the progress of our little bungalowhutch. if mr. hutch follows the strict orders he was given by a certain someone, we should be fluffing pillows in the guest room just as the mother-in-law arrives. exciting!

tada! do you love it?

don't be fooled. nothing is actually organized, it's just all thrown into the cabinets. but at least it's not in a box anymore!

other side of the kitchen. clearly we need to finish the painting and mr. hutch needs to get rid of those cords like he promised he would.

that cord hanging down will one day be an island hood - when i get over how much they cost.

i almost cropped the sofa out of this picture because i'm mad at it. i have problems.

welp there you have it. bungalowhutch to date. you likey?

progress & priorities

i don’t even know where to begin. we made so much progress on our house this past weekend and i think our priorities really showed their true colors.

i’ll try to sum things up in some weekend statistics, some pictures, and a little tale for your listening reading pleasure…

friday thru sunday stats:

combined hours mr. hutch & i spent working at the house this weekend: 93

number of friends that showed up: 9

trips to home depot: 11

meals that consisted of fast food: every single one….so that makes 9 (i think i should probably leave the nutritional stats out of this list)

amount of showers taken: 0

gallons of paint used: 8

staples removed from the floor: 2,348,745,23o,430,458

marital fights: 1.5

beers consumed: can’t say in case my grandma reads my blog.

and now for the picture portion of this recap:

a little QT with the cabinet guru (more on him later) on saturday morning. mr.hutch would like for you to know that he was sweating while holding this up. “take a picture of me holding this thing up! it’s really heavy!”
refueling after the sweating
starting to look like a kitchen! fancy that.

a little window framing and painting - damn that sliver of pink you see on the left. it's all that remains from the original PINK bathroom.


beginning the work on transforming the antique dresser into a bathroom vanity. mr. hutch’s pants were also mad at the pink sliver and decided to rip.


just in case you were hoping for a close up. mmmm...

so excited about how this little project is turning out and check out the painted beadboard on the walls. sexy.

end of the day saturday. can you tell what's wrong with this picture??*

apparently our construction dog worked hard too.

appliances showed up to party. one day i'll tell you about how we fit a 36 inch fridge thru a 32 inch door. until then - anyone know how to hook these up?

we worked really hard...

sunday the bathroom became completely functional. best. day. ever. i'm now not only in love with the electrician, but also the plumber.

the first shower head this house has EVER seen. i hope ardie is smiling down from heaven at the sight of this.

end of sunday. after all the tack board and staples came up. it's about 1:00a in this picture and these floors are ready to be refinished.

ok – so now for the tale.

(*the tale explains what is wrong with that picture in case you couldn’t figure it out.)

here’s the reason we we’re pulling staples out at 1a and why there is still a sliver of pink in the bathroom. because the tv was our someone’s priority on both saturday and sunday. first on saturday with the guy installing it, needing to track down the right cables,  blah blah blah. and then on sunday when we had to install the wall mount and hook it up there. and then worst of all when mr. hutch went to re-hook it up in the kitchen it didn’t work. sound the alarms because the time he decided to de-hook and then re-hook  happened to be in the 4th quarter of the pats game and someone (it wasn’t me) was freaking out. and then those football players lost (and thanks to making sure we got that tv hooked up we had to see it with our own eyes) which of course hurled someone into a deep dark depression (again not me) and then he ripped out all of our new cabinets the productivity level really dropped as far as work went.

so the moral of this tale is. make sure your priority is getting the tv set up before anything else (sink, toilet, appliances – even before finishing the tile to get rid of the pink in the bathroom**) so that the stuff that absolutely must get done by monday morning (pulling up the staples people) doesn’t get started til 1op and you get to work on it til 1a.

*this might have something to do with the marital fight stat you saw above.

there you have it. a weekend recap. can’t wait to post some pics of our refinished floors!

good news and bad news

good news. i’m a little less crabby and the house is a teeny weeny fraction closer to being done. we painted the bathroom and put trim around the window. we also got lots of staples pulled up out of the floor.

bad news. we’re not very good at trim. we need a bit more practice. friends that helped with the staples started bleeding and got blisters.

good news. mr. hutch looks hot working on trim. friends say they will still be our friends.

bad news.  a sprinkler pipe burst at some point today and we now have a four inch ice skating rink in our back yard.

good news. our backyard looks like a winterwonderland.

bad news. we probably won’t be able to afford our water bill.

good news. friends loved on us today in many ways after my p.s.a about how crabby, down, and desperate i was feeling. thank you friends.

bad news. the floors are not getting refinished til monday and won’t be done til thursday a.m. we are not moving in til thursday.

good news. my pretty faucet came today. and our appliances, cabinets and sink come this weekend.


bought on amazon

bought on ebay

all appliances bought at home depot for secret reasons we'll never tell.

bad news. iit’s almost 1am and i’m blogging.