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the passenger has arrived!

you probably already figured this out, but our little passenger arrived. mr.hutch and i are over the moon!

adele james hutchinson was born may 21 @ 6:53am weighing in at 7lbs 12.5oz to be exact. and just because it seemed to be unclear to a surprising amount of people despite the name adele, she is a GIRL! (i hate to say i told you so, but i just knew it!!!!) 

so if you’re interested in how she made her arrival, keep reading. if not – skip down to the pics and bask in her adorableness.

i can’t remember if i blogged about how really the perfect time for her to come was the weekend of her due date. after having her go so easy on me during pregnancy it seemed a little much to ask her to arrive at a certain time, but the way it worked out with work/schedules/visitors that general weekend was really optimal. plus i was really worried about the pending fear of having to be induced should she decide to take her sweet time.

so that friday was actually my 28th birthday and we celebrated with a night out on the town, happy hour at linger with friends and great dinner out with just mr. hutch and myself at charcoal. both were fabulous as we sat around and wondered, is this our last time out before the passenger arrives?

i had planned to start off the next morning (my due date) with a nice long hike up in evergreen to encourage the passenger, but when we woke up saturday morning to freezing cold weather and pouring down rain we decided a day on the couch (in our new basement – yipeeee!) was a better plan. so we rented some movies and lazily enjoyed some quiet down time. 

sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful day and a burst of energy. i practically hopped out of bed and announced that today would be operation “get the baby out.” looking back, i wonder if that burst of energy was a sign that miss adele was coming no matter what plans i had, guess we’ll never know! so despite a few hesitations about heading off to go hiking with his 40+ week pregnant wife (i reminded him we were perfectly capable of delivering this baby on our own, even in the woods and he of course examined my motives to make sure i wasn’t trying to have a baby in the woods. no mr. hutch, just trying to get her out…) so we went to one of our favorite little loops affectionately known as the three sisters (adele, are you going to have two sisters??) and started off on our hike. 

it was beautiful and so fun but i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t disappointed that at the end i wasn’t in full blown labor. we contemplated doing the whole thing again but decided to spend the afternoon crossing off some of the other “labor-inducing” methods like stocking up on spicy food, bouncing on the birthing ball, and of course the unmentionables. 

so around 6p after a “busy” afternoon with no arrival of the passenger we decided to head out on a nice long walk around the ‘hood. i declared we would just walk until the passenger arrived but due to some hunger pains we probably only made it about an hour. the good news is, is that during that hour contractions started. 

the problem was, i had no idea they were contractions. i kept saying to mr. hutch, “do you think i’m having contractions?” unfortunately, he wasn’t any better at making the diagnosis than i was. as much as i was excited for the possibility of labor beginning, i was also very nervous that i was going to “get my hopes” up only to be prego for two more weeks. so i basically ignored it. looking back this was definitely the start of early labor.

so we came home and made our spicy chicken avocado enchiladas (yum!) and sat down to dinner about 8p. what i now know were contractions, continued while i continued to ask mr. hutch if he thought i was  having contractions. poor guy didn’t know how to answer that. convinced i was reading into things and again not wanting to get my hopes up i settled in for a marathon of gossip girl on the couch while mr. hutch worked on caulking the bathroom.

about 9p i decided it couldn’t hurt to look at the clock and determine if there was any regularity to possible contractions i may or may not have been having. sure enough, ever 5-7 minutes they came and went. about 10:30p i decided it wouldn’t hurt to pack a hospital bag…just in case. (by the way, why the heck do people make a big deal about packing the hospital bag!?!? i had a hard time figuring out what to pack besides a toothbrush and change of clothes.) 

so another hour or so passes (it’s now about 11:30p) and i’m thinking, maybe we should call pam, our doula. she’ll help determine if i’m in labor or not. (yes, i still didn’t know/was afraid to believe it might actually be happening!) so i made mr. hutch call because if i wasn’t in labor, i didn’t want to be the one to feel bad for waking her up in the middle of the night! 

of course she was happy to hear from us and asked us to time five of the “contractions” (which i needed instructions on how to do since i wasn’t sure what you were supposed to be timing) and then call her back. sure enough the contractions were exactly one minute long and exactly five minutes apart.

so we called pam back to report to her our findings and she said she’d be there in thirty minutes.

i was ecstatic at this point as i realized i was in labor. yippppeeeee! 

to be continued…*

hiking the baby out with oscar

come out, come out!

meet the passenger: adele james


adorable adele

*sorry, i hate the dramatic pause but this is taking too long to write and will need to be written in two parts.


the basement story

so good news. the basement is no longer the source of my anxiety. tho there is still quite a bit that needs to get done down there – for now it’s livable. which means all of the crap that was upstairs/in the future nursery is now down stairs. yippee!! and since i was too full of anxiety to blog about the basement reno’s as we went, i’ll tell the story of the basement retrospectively. here goes:

once upon a time we were looking for a house to buy. part of our criteria was a great basement space that we could one day finish into livable space. we found that in bungalowhutch.

here’s what she looked like in her glory ardie days…

the view from the bottom of the stairs

looking back towards the stairs

and here's what she looked like after we demo'd most of the basement and primarily used it for storage this past year.


then came the start of the remodel as we tore up the old concrete floors.

just in time to update the plumbing and re-route a few lines.

so we could lay some nice, new, and level floors

next we updated all the havac (putting it up in the rafters) and added air conditioning (after last year's summer - one of the most exciting parts of the project!)

next came the framing and all new electrical (this is the view looking back towards the stairs - the bedroom is in the back right corner and the bathroom in front of it. the laundry in the back left with utility and storage closet along the left wall and the rest is open space.)

and added a new egress window into the bedroom

drywall (took FOREVER) but eventually went up!

the whole basement got a nice shade of dolphin gray sprayed on it.

floors were installed!

along with doors and trim

same view from the bottom of the stairs (as the first picture) in her "finished enough" state

looking back towards the stairs

living/office area

the end. (for now.)

so there you have the quick and dirty version of what’s been going on in the basement for the last eight weeks. i’m sure it would have been much more entertaining if i had kept up with the blog and shared the funnies as we went along, but alas, the picture recap will have to do. we still have a million and one things to do down there, the biggest being the bathroom. but, since all i care about is being able to move our junk back down there to free of the soon to be nursery that was causing anxiety attacks, i’m happy as a clam.

stay tuned for my next post where i’ll debate the chinese nail lady’s thoughts v. the chinese gender chart when it comes to the gender of the passenger…

it’s almost tomorrow!

it’s almost tomorrow and tomorrow is a VERY exciting day!! some of my most favorite girls in the whole world are coming for our annual girl’s weekend. this year – bungalowhutch and i are hosting and i could not be more ecstatic!

it’s these girls! minus one that can’t come but it’s too painful to talk about so we won’t. also minus two prego bellies and plus a new one!

so – since i’m busy scrubbin’ and polishin’ and peein’ my pants there’s no time for a real blog. instead, i’ll give you a video of our catdog. it’s kinda like a shehe or shim. yes, we think oscar might be part tiger pussy cat based on his ability to purrrr like no other. and tho some nights around here are extraordinary, most nights you should know consist of us being wildly entertained by oscar and taking videos of him.