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i am not dead, i am still pregnant.

dear people of earth.

good news: i am not dead.

great news: i am still pregnant.

bad news: they wouldn’t let me blog during my stay in the looney bin.

ok maybe i haven’t actually been deemed certifiably insane and locked up, but at times over the last two months i probably should have been thanks to a little thing i like to call, my life is total chaos. really just our house is total chaos, but somehow that manages to feel like my life.

and just in case you don’t know what i mean by our house is total chaos. here is a picture i snapped of our basement a few weeks back.


and no, that is not a pirated picture from a long lost planet in outer space. it really is our basement. and yes, the amount of dust renovations of such a magnitude create is completely and utterly unfathomable and unmanageable.

and in case that doesn’t feel like chaos enough to you…do you remember how we are having a baby in about eight short weeks? welp, here’s a picture of the nursery i snapped this morning. 

isn’t it pretty? i think i see some room for a baby somewhere in the back there. sometimes mr. hutch has to deadbolt the door (thanks ardie for installing deadbolts on the bedroom doors! i never knew why you did that until now…) and hide the key to keep me from going in there out of fear i’ll start my anxiety induced weeping and gnashing of the teeth cycle.

oh, and did you know that there is this thing when you are pregnant called nesting? i want nothing more than an impeccably clean house, completely organized, with everything neatly in its place. instead i’ve been living with a toilet in my kitchen, a car seat in my fireplace, and an inch of dust on everything in between.

i think there should be some kinda of mental health diagnosis for moms-to-be who suffer from this scenario. perhaps along the lines of PTSD. my symptoms mainly include wrapping myself into a fetal position and rocking back and forth rendering me unable to form sentences much less write blog posts. (hence the lack of blogging.)

fortunately for you and the rest of the inter-webs – i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. our basement is closer to looking like a living space. if i hadn’t been so busy hanging out in the fetal position, you would know that we* dug up the old concrete floors, replaced all the old plumbing, poured new concrete floors, replaced all the HVAC, installed AC, redid all the electrical, framed out a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, storage closet and living area, installed an egress window, and as of today finished drywalling. in fact all we have left to do is paint, install the floors/tile and put up trim (at least i think that’s all that is left so don’t tell me otherwise). and once those things are done we will have literally doubled our living space i can move ALL OF THE JUNK that is stashed in every nook and cranny of the upstairs back down stairs and slowly start to regain control of my life again.

i seriously fantasize about this day people. 

so. since we’re on the up and up over here at bungalowhutch you should anticipate more blogging. i’m thinking i’ll share with you some of my plans. i got birth plans, decorating plans, plans to sleep for a few weeks before the baby comes, all sorts of plans. 

until then, if i have vicariously given you an anxiety attack with those pictures – my sincerest apologies.

oh and the latest  bump picture for good measure.

*by we i mean mr. hutch and “our people.”


we worked on the house

you guys, we did like a real project around here. it reminded me so much of the good old days. nothing like the recent scrapings at the bottom of the home renovation barrel.

we found out the tilemaster was planning on being in denver over a 24hr work-free period and immediately began soliciting help for our kitchen backsplash. remember when i talked about that way back when? nine months later we got around to it.

at this rate, the house will be done when we’re dead.

anyways, like most projects around here, the whole thing was totally haphazard and turned out great. i realize we really do make the best reno decisions under pressure and when we have little to no time to plan or ponder things. instead of scouring for the perfect tile, the perfect colors, the perfect deal, we showed up to flo’ & deco’ friday night, found some tile,  got to work saturday morning, and finished the last of the grouting by sunday evening. no shopping around and taking our time around here folks. planning is for losers. do or die .

overall the process went smoothly. there were only two marital fights. one regarding mr. hutch wanting to watch sports in the morning rather than tile and one about how the accent tile should be laid out. i would have won both feuds but since my dad was here and he always takes mr. hutch’s side, i was ganged up on and lost the accent tile battle. mr. hutch thinks the color of the accent tile is poo and didn’t want it at all so in some ways perhaps i still won.

but who’s keeping score!? (me.) nothing like a little competition to keep the fire burnin’.

small marital feuds aside, the three of us worked like a well oiled machine and got ‘er done. and now we have a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

what do YOU think?

romantical natural heaven

so as promised, i picked up my dirty laundry and made the bed. all so that you can see how our romantical natural heaven (aka our bedroom) is shaping up. here’s a few pics and then we can chat about it.

so that’s the room thus far. whadda ya think? i am in love with how the headboard turned out. i’ll tell you how i did that later because i’m late for work and still have to shower. the hutch is fun too. tho i don’t love the bright white so i’m going to figure out a way to dull it down. by the way – that is like a grey suedeish fabric covering the door panels (not a chalkboard! as some have thought….). let’s see. i also love my pebble rug from west elm. super soft and it was cheap too. the bedding is also from there (their parachute collection). not as cheap, but exactly what i was hoping for in that room. my little window frame is a one of a kind, ghost town special. so i guess it’s technically stolen. don’t call the police. or do, but vic will protect us.

who is vic you asked? he’s our neighbor. we hung out with him on saturday night and to say he is a character would be the understatement of the year. so that will have to be a blog post in an of itself.

back to the room. tho now i’d rather talk about vic….

i still have some plans for it. we need another dresser for the back wall (where oscar bear’s bed is right now). i want a super natural looking dresser most that’s short and fat. and then i think i want to do a cluster of vintage mirrors above it. i also want to get another rug for in front of that dresser (probably the same exact one that is in there already). i also want to do some sort of bench (worn leather would be nice, but doubt that will happen) at the end of the bed. and some long bright white flowy linen curtains. oh! and the headboard is missing it’s doorknob. i want it to be obvious that is a door, but that door came with a crappy brass handle unlike the cool (tho not well functioning) original door knobs on all the other doors in the house. oh and new nightstands are in order. i want non matching ones. i’m thinking a glass night stand for me and i really want a tree stump night stand for mr. hutch, but maybe just some old crates stacked or something?

ok. excuse the verbal diarrhea this morning, told ADD, and impressive use of the run-on-sentence. i’ve had a lot of coffee and it’s still early. and i’m late for work and still have to shower remember?

tell me what you think!? does it scream romantical natural heaven??

*** i just reread that and i sound like i’m on crack. i’m not i promise. happy monday!

curiosity killed the fireplace

well it was a lovely holiday weekend. having my mom and saster in town was a blast. especially when sitting around on friday morning over a cup of tea, my mom announced she couldn’t stand it anymore. she had to know what was under the marble tile on our fireplace.

(here’s our fireplace in all its original glory)

she shares the same sentiments as me about that fireplace. it was crying out for a makeover. mr. hutch and i had been blatantly ignoring those cries ’cause we’ve gotten lazy and feel kinda over the whole working on the house thing. my mom however, could not resist the temptation. her fresh energy was just what we needed to get something done around here.

so she asked for some tools and this happened. after all, we just wanted to see what was under one tile…

but then she found this

and once brick was spotted, a weird obsession came over her and soon this happened.

and after a few battle wounds, a trip to the store,  the making of some hot cross buns and a glass of champagne, reinforcements were called in. and of course put to work.

then this guy came home from work and after a little bit lot of protesting and a small lecture on starting what you finish, he picked up a chisel.

then, true to our style of getting things done around here, more family came over and we put them to work.

except for one protester. she’s boycotted coming over until the house is complete.

and in the morning there was this

and i love it! here’s a close up of the brick.

we still have to clean it up a bit more. obviously still some patches of old grout the need to come down but i actually like the way the white residue makes the brick look a bit white washed and worn. so we’ll just take a stiff brush to it and seal it. then one day we’ll redo the mantle and build those built in bookshelves. what do you think!?

i must say – i gotta love the spontaneity of the project. didn’t think we’d be tackling this anytime soon and all it took was one visit from the mother who loathes tacky marble fireplaces and voila! speaking of – she also lothes  vinyl and aluminum. perhaps i’ll show you what came of that tomorrow…

hope you’re easter weekend was as productive as ours!


i’ve learned something about myself. i’m not good at little projects. i need big massive overhauls to get excited about. so, i’m over finishing the details on our main floor. when you come over, don’t ask why that piece of trim is missing or why i still haven’t painted the window sills despite saying i’m going to for the past 209438 days. and in the meantime, i’ll stop pretending i’m going to do much of anything around here.

in light of this self revelation – i’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of giving the front of our house a major facelift. from the moment we i put an offer on the place, i knew the vinyl siding would not be with us for long. oh? you haven’t seen the face of bungalowhutch blogging world? well take a look…

it’s hard to tell from this picture, but we have gold/black shiny sticky letters/numbers that say our address on that oh so pretty green vinyl. ha! it’s so ugly. (sorry bungalowhutch, the truth hurts!) i was convinced the same day we closed on the house i would march right over to our new home and rip those off….alas here we are 4.5 months later and they are still there. yuck. even my dad made fun of them. that’s how i know they’re bad.

so, with springtime here and everyone being out and about (one of the things i adore about our new ‘hood) it’s time for a makeover. here’s what i’ve got for inspiration…


love bold painted bungalows! especially the front door!

a more classic take

i heart this color scheme on houses.

this is my real favorite/inspritation. the rest were just filler. i LOVE everything about this look. i LOVE the light blue porch and i LOVE the green door, and i LOVE the blue brick and well everything! sorry, momentary freak out about how much i love this look!

ok. before you wet yourself. yes, all of these are painted brick! this is what i’m thinking, this is what i want to do! try and stop me.

fine. i won’t do it. leave me alone. i won’t do it because i know painting our brick is committing bungalow suicide. or so “they” say. but i’m determined for bungalowhutch to have some color on the outside. so how about the following as an alternative…

1. tear off the vinyl siding and replace with stained cedar shingles (i’m thinking a lightblue/blue-grey color) on the back eaves (is that a word?) tho even painting the shingles, certain people are protesting. natural cannot always be the way to go!


here's a natural brick bungalow with some cedar shingles to give you an idea of what it looks like, but like i said, i want them stained/painted! sue me.

maybe this color of shingle?! come on! it's only going to be a small part of it...

2. on the front eaves (see above about about whether this is a word or not) also rip off the vinyl siding and do an exposed timber look with the vaulted ceiling, like you see in this picture.

this is a neighbor’s house. hello neighbor!


3. rip out the hideous black iron railing. do you see it up there?

4. paint the hideous hunter green porch a beautiful deep navy color. (like the color of that house!)

5. paint the door. you just wet yourself again. fine – i won’t paint the door, but i want to! i love painted doors!

door in question. yes it's a beautiful door. it would also be beautiful that green color 🙂

6. add some cherry apple red rocking chairs and a fun neutral rug with navy accents

7. hang some lanterns and plants along with a cool light from the soon to be vaulted ceiling.

8. oh did i mention leaving the trim white?


can you see my vision? crazy? good? recommended changes? anyone want to give me permission to go crazy with the paint!?

ok so what have we learned? my mental health is questionable. we should have moved to the pacific northwest where painting your bungalow is not only cool, it’s expected. and i really want to paint my bungalow but i promise i won’t so there won’t be a need for the intervention i’ve heard some of you whispering about.

*oh. sorry about the lack of photo credits – again. i’ve realized i’m not a “real” blog yet so i i’ve decided i’m off the hook…


update: ha! i titled this blog post as haters as a joke and forgot to change it. i titled it haters when i started writing because i was bitter thinking of all the haters of painted brick/doors. which is basically the whole world. oops. i guess i’ll leave it since i’m still feeling bitter.

getting practical

so remember when i wanted this beautiful light fixture from restoration hardware. i dreamed about how wonderful it would look above my farmhouse sink…

yet the $400 price tag always woke me up abruptly.

there just never seems to be a good time to spend that kind of money on a light fixture. because quite frankly we don’t have that kind of money to spend on a light fixture. boo hoo.

so. when mr. hutch and i were aimlessly wondering the halls of home depot a few weeks ago, and i saw this, for a mere $30, i resigned to the fact that we needed a light fixture, and we don’t have $400.

then that got me thinking about the $250 wall sconces i wanted for the bathroom. and how we also don’t have $500 to spend on lighting fixtures in there. and more importantly how sick i was of those blue boxes and holes in the wall staring at me. so i found some sconces and clear shades for the bargain price of $15 each.

so with my $60 worth of light fixtures in tow, what i really had a desire to do was call alex, my favorite ukranian electrician, and watch him work his magic. but, we’re practically experts in home remodeling these days, and the days of having no idea what we were doing when it came  to  hard wiring light fixtures are long gone. this unfortunately was no longer anopportunity to call alex.

instead, my other favorite electrician got to work – mr. hutch.

look! we’re even smart enough to turn off the electric when working with electric. experts i tell ya. so later that night we had this.

and this.

whadda ya think? so that’s what’s happening around here. we’re being a bit more practical in order for things to actually get done. which means i’m probably going to have to give up on the $150 per roll wallpaper, if there’s ever going to be any wallpaper in that bathroom. (although i’m so overwhelmed with wallpaper i think i might give up on it completely.) it also means mr. hutch thinks he’s a certified electrician and he now has this crazy idea that he would want to try and do all the electrical work when we finish the basement. it’s not that i don’t believe in him, it’s that we wouldn’t get to see alex again….

we’ll see how practical we get then.

stars aligned

i think there is a super moon or something going around, and after last night, i’m realizing the stars must be aligned too. why? because we now have an island hood! here’s the story of how it came to be.

first, in bed late last thursday night, i was bored and randomly found an island hood from the o for what seemed to be a bargain price.

then – mr. hutch and i debated whether or not it’s an island mount or wall mount. the pictures were confusing and apparently he didn’t think the title “island mount hood” meant island mount hood. i order it anyways.

next – my dad comes in to town yesterday somewhat last minute for work. we go out for lunch.

most important part of story – we arrive back home to a fed ex man pulling up with my new hood! what luck! i had no idea it would come so soon! and on a day my dad was here with the afternoon free.

miracle of miracles.

then i leave for work and click my heels three times.

i come home a few hours later to this.


next – family happens to come over to  celebrate dad’s birthday dinner.  great, now we just happen to have some extra strong men around the house.  that’s convenient.

a quick trip to home depot, a break for an indian feast, and a happy birthday song later…

we have this!


like i said, the stars must have been aligned or something because i’m realizing this is the only way things get done around here. oh, and it was still hanging this morning. that’s good news too.

thank you dad! and mr. hutch! and brother-in-laws! and saster!


(would this whole story change and sound slightly manipulative if i said i’m ordering wallpaper to arrive on the same day my mom does? never mind then.)