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the basement story

so good news. the basement is no longer the source of my anxiety. tho there is still quite a bit that needs to get done down there – for now it’s livable. which means all of the crap that was upstairs/in the future nursery is now down stairs. yippee!! and since i was too full of anxiety to blog about the basement reno’s as we went, i’ll tell the story of the basement retrospectively. here goes:

once upon a time we were looking for a house to buy. part of our criteria was a great basement space that we could one day finish into livable space. we found that in bungalowhutch.

here’s what she looked like in her glory ardie days…

the view from the bottom of the stairs

looking back towards the stairs

and here's what she looked like after we demo'd most of the basement and primarily used it for storage this past year.


then came the start of the remodel as we tore up the old concrete floors.

just in time to update the plumbing and re-route a few lines.

so we could lay some nice, new, and level floors

next we updated all the havac (putting it up in the rafters) and added air conditioning (after last year's summer - one of the most exciting parts of the project!)

next came the framing and all new electrical (this is the view looking back towards the stairs - the bedroom is in the back right corner and the bathroom in front of it. the laundry in the back left with utility and storage closet along the left wall and the rest is open space.)

and added a new egress window into the bedroom

drywall (took FOREVER) but eventually went up!

the whole basement got a nice shade of dolphin gray sprayed on it.

floors were installed!

along with doors and trim

same view from the bottom of the stairs (as the first picture) in her "finished enough" state

looking back towards the stairs

living/office area

the end. (for now.)

so there you have the quick and dirty version of what’s been going on in the basement for the last eight weeks. i’m sure it would have been much more entertaining if i had kept up with the blog and shared the funnies as we went along, but alas, the picture recap will have to do. we still have a million and one things to do down there, the biggest being the bathroom. but, since all i care about is being able to move our junk back down there to free of the soon to be nursery that was causing anxiety attacks, i’m happy as a clam.

stay tuned for my next post where i’ll debate the chinese nail lady’s thoughts v. the chinese gender chart when it comes to the gender of the passenger…


i am not dead, i am still pregnant.

dear people of earth.

good news: i am not dead.

great news: i am still pregnant.

bad news: they wouldn’t let me blog during my stay in the looney bin.

ok maybe i haven’t actually been deemed certifiably insane and locked up, but at times over the last two months i probably should have been thanks to a little thing i like to call, my life is total chaos. really just our house is total chaos, but somehow that manages to feel like my life.

and just in case you don’t know what i mean by our house is total chaos. here is a picture i snapped of our basement a few weeks back.


and no, that is not a pirated picture from a long lost planet in outer space. it really is our basement. and yes, the amount of dust renovations of such a magnitude create is completely and utterly unfathomable and unmanageable.

and in case that doesn’t feel like chaos enough to you…do you remember how we are having a baby in about eight short weeks? welp, here’s a picture of the nursery i snapped this morning. 

isn’t it pretty? i think i see some room for a baby somewhere in the back there. sometimes mr. hutch has to deadbolt the door (thanks ardie for installing deadbolts on the bedroom doors! i never knew why you did that until now…) and hide the key to keep me from going in there out of fear i’ll start my anxiety induced weeping and gnashing of the teeth cycle.

oh, and did you know that there is this thing when you are pregnant called nesting? i want nothing more than an impeccably clean house, completely organized, with everything neatly in its place. instead i’ve been living with a toilet in my kitchen, a car seat in my fireplace, and an inch of dust on everything in between.

i think there should be some kinda of mental health diagnosis for moms-to-be who suffer from this scenario. perhaps along the lines of PTSD. my symptoms mainly include wrapping myself into a fetal position and rocking back and forth rendering me unable to form sentences much less write blog posts. (hence the lack of blogging.)

fortunately for you and the rest of the inter-webs – i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. our basement is closer to looking like a living space. if i hadn’t been so busy hanging out in the fetal position, you would know that we* dug up the old concrete floors, replaced all the old plumbing, poured new concrete floors, replaced all the HVAC, installed AC, redid all the electrical, framed out a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, storage closet and living area, installed an egress window, and as of today finished drywalling. in fact all we have left to do is paint, install the floors/tile and put up trim (at least i think that’s all that is left so don’t tell me otherwise). and once those things are done we will have literally doubled our living space i can move ALL OF THE JUNK that is stashed in every nook and cranny of the upstairs back down stairs and slowly start to regain control of my life again.

i seriously fantasize about this day people. 

so. since we’re on the up and up over here at bungalowhutch you should anticipate more blogging. i’m thinking i’ll share with you some of my plans. i got birth plans, decorating plans, plans to sleep for a few weeks before the baby comes, all sorts of plans. 

until then, if i have vicariously given you an anxiety attack with those pictures – my sincerest apologies.

oh and the latest  bump picture for good measure.

*by we i mean mr. hutch and “our people.”

how long?

how long can i let the front of  our house look like this!?

i can’t stand it really. i also can’t won’t do anything about it. it seems too overwhelming. and with mr. hutch off doing his thing, i don’t have anyone saying we have to clean this up/finish this project. (obviously i lack any internal motivation for these things.)

so instead of doing something about this anxiety causing nightmare – i simply close my eyes when entering or exiting the house and sprint as fast as i can to the car. it works great. this weekend when i was getting my nails done, sipping mimiosas or lounging (mouching) by the pool, i was able to live in complete denial of our frontyard  DUMPyard.

is this an indicator of how well i deal with my problems?

psst – not being able to pick up those newspapers is downright shameful. so shame on me.

sheesh. i got better things…

sheesh! you guys were not a fan of the scab post. or so you say. tho i think you’re all liars because it certainly appeared to be the talk of the town for the last few days. and i’d love to give you an update (because it’s better than even i could have imagined) but you’ve made it clear you don’t want to hear about that subject. so i’ll keep it to myself…

the good news for you is, i do in fact have better things to blog about.

like how we spent the last 100 hours in 100 degree weather giving our bungalow a facelift. oh and after that miserableness – we’re only about half-way done.  last night, after summoning all my mental energy to pretend our meager size tub was an ice cold swimming pool, i went to bed cursing whoever invented home renovating. to add stress to misery, if we don’t finish it tonight (not going to happen!?!?!) it’s not going to get finished for a long, long time.

bungalowhutch before her facelift
bungalowhutch in the middle of her facelift…


which brings me to my even better (than the scab & a lack of a nice relaxing holiday weekend) thing to blog about. mr. hutch is leaving me! luckily – not for good. just for a really long time. which in my world is about ten days. that’s right. he is off to the dominican republic on thursday to go hang out with his friends in puerto plata. if you don’t already know my better half – he loves people and has a particular passion for loving on people on a global scale.

this is his third time headed there with our church over the last year. what he loves  most about spending time there is the  ability to continue building relationships he’s started with the people there. that’s what i love about our church’s take on the traditional “short-term’s mission trip.” there is no agenda. it’s not about being amazed by poverty, putting on a VBS routine, building something and then coming home sharing via facebook and photo what an amazing experience youve had only to never talk to or think about the community again. it’s about our church teaming up with their church in a long-term (nothing short about it!) relationship. it’s about loving our neighbors, even our international ones. so – he’s off again to hang out and love on his friends in the DR.

leaving me with the half finished makeover around here…

mr. hutch with his friend sandra – she’s the pastor of the church down there.

which leads me back to the house. if we don’t get it done tonight, we’re not going to get it done for a loooong time. oh well. in the mean time you can say a little prayer that i don’t do what i did last time mr. hutch was in the DR.

i asked if he was nervous about my decision making ability while he was gone.

he gave me the hairy eyeball.


btw – if you’re interested in financially supporting the community and the work mr. hutch (and the rest of the folks headed there) are doing in the dominican, head here. in the scroll down menu  – select dominican republic service journey.

disaster zone

it’s a total disaster zone around here. in an attempt to get ready for our big birthday bash on saturday/housewarming party….i’ve decided to tackle all of these projects… remember how i made that list?

unfortunately, i’ve forgotten the cardinal rule of working on and around the house.

everything takes SO SO SO long. longer than you think.

and sometimes that’s your fault. mine not yours.

case in point.

i refinished a door to make as a headboard (looks great btw, i’ll show you real pics when the house doesn’t look like the disaster zone that it is). then i decided to refinish a hutch that we use as a wardrobe. i’m dumb and used the same technique for both. (and by technique i mean guesswork…). unfortunately real wood (original bungalow door) and fake wood (cheap hutch from target circa 2006) don’t finish the same.

so i did all this work to the hutch (4.5hrs worth! part of which my friend katie was helping!) to basically just end up doing a basic old paint job to the thing in the end. oops. there goes 4 hours of life…let’s chalk it up to valuable learning experience? and a good excuse for a nice glass of vino…

so anyways – i’m mildly discouraged at this point. after a week of elbow grease and rallying to get some stuff done….i’m covered in paint, and my house looks like a disaster zone. did i mention that already?

here are some cryptic pictures to evidence the fact that we have been working. i didn’t want you to see too much of the rest of the house at this point for fear you might be scared to show up on saturday. you are coming right?

oh and by the way i lied. tho i have been productive. i could be more productive if….i hadn’t recently discovered my flute music when going through a few more boxes (that never made the unpack list when we moved in). now after a hard nights work. i scare oscar with a few tunes. and yes, he is scared when i play. mr. hutch says i’m good tho, so i’ll take his word instead of oscar’s. and no, that’s not a first.

our dirty little secret

we’re having a huge birthday bash in a less than two weeks (respond to your evite people!) and our backyard needs a little transformation. on first glance it might seem OK (if you take a dark, no good picture where you can’t see much).

pick up the dog poo, throw up a few lawn chairs… make something work…

unfortunately -there’s e a dirty little secret back there. see the thing in the back right corner of the picture? here’s a better view.

it’s a green carport.

this carport is the most hideous thing i have ever seen in anyone’s backyard.

however it has played a very important role in our renovation process. it is the place where everything we don’t want to see, have to get rid of,  but don’t know what to do with, goes.

from the other side, it looks a little something like this. (brace yourself).

(oh and yes – the shopping cart came with the house. it’s going to be a door prize at the party.)

no (good) party is complete without a dance floor, and i’m thinking this nasty carport sans junk, a few paper lanterns and some stringy lights could be transformed into just that.

so it was like a little miracle the other day when i was worried about how we were going to get rid of all the junk when (and i joke not) i discovered a little something called the trash pirates. i really don’t think an explanation is necessary and feel confident my trash will be pirated.

after all the – the party must go on!

in other news, i figured out my dilemma of gardening….

pick all the flowers and put them in a vase!

and in other, other news. i heart these two.

(can you tell my camera battery is dead and my new go to is instagram?)

curiosity killed the fireplace

well it was a lovely holiday weekend. having my mom and saster in town was a blast. especially when sitting around on friday morning over a cup of tea, my mom announced she couldn’t stand it anymore. she had to know what was under the marble tile on our fireplace.

(here’s our fireplace in all its original glory)

she shares the same sentiments as me about that fireplace. it was crying out for a makeover. mr. hutch and i had been blatantly ignoring those cries ’cause we’ve gotten lazy and feel kinda over the whole working on the house thing. my mom however, could not resist the temptation. her fresh energy was just what we needed to get something done around here.

so she asked for some tools and this happened. after all, we just wanted to see what was under one tile…

but then she found this

and once brick was spotted, a weird obsession came over her and soon this happened.

and after a few battle wounds, a trip to the store,  the making of some hot cross buns and a glass of champagne, reinforcements were called in. and of course put to work.

then this guy came home from work and after a little bit lot of protesting and a small lecture on starting what you finish, he picked up a chisel.

then, true to our style of getting things done around here, more family came over and we put them to work.

except for one protester. she’s boycotted coming over until the house is complete.

and in the morning there was this

and i love it! here’s a close up of the brick.

we still have to clean it up a bit more. obviously still some patches of old grout the need to come down but i actually like the way the white residue makes the brick look a bit white washed and worn. so we’ll just take a stiff brush to it and seal it. then one day we’ll redo the mantle and build those built in bookshelves. what do you think!?

i must say – i gotta love the spontaneity of the project. didn’t think we’d be tackling this anytime soon and all it took was one visit from the mother who loathes tacky marble fireplaces and voila! speaking of – she also lothes  vinyl and aluminum. perhaps i’ll show you what came of that tomorrow…

hope you’re easter weekend was as productive as ours!