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a long goodbye

ok if you read my blog because sometimes i may be mildy amusing or because at one point in time it was about remodeling a house – you should skip today’s post and come back another day.

also i want to warn you that the following may sound or feel dramatic and i don’t care. i’m taking full advantage today of my right to turn my tiny piece of cyberspace into a place where i unashamedly blurt out what i’m really thinking and feeling. take it or leave it.

so yesterday was monday schmunday for another reason. it officially marks the two-week countdown until my sister moves.

yes, you heard that right. my sister is moving. far away. to some place called washington d.c. it’s like 115 degrees there right now, but that’s not stopping them.

so here’s the thing. i’m not being very mature or selfless about the whole thing. tho i know i should. in my head, i know it’s going to be OK. that this is best for them. that my sister needs me to be supportive. that this is the right thing. that we’ll still see each other lots…the list goes on.

the problem is this: tho i know all those important facts in my head, all i can feel in my heart is sad.

sad. sad. sad.

the thing is, i’m not just losing my sister, i’m losing my best friend. and i’m scared of losing my sister and my best friend.

cause it’s a big loss.

you see, living in the same city these last four years has been literally a dream come true. (this dream is also known as the master plan, but we’ll save that for another post.) sharing our adult life together in the way that we have been able to has brought so much joy to my life. and i got carried away with that joy and began to hold onto a future that will no longer look the way i envisioned it. i’ve become so familiar and comfortable with life with them here, i fear the void with them not.

i’ve planned on them being here. for the little things and the big things. i’ve planned on a lot more impromptu family dinners, borrowing her clothes, more ski trips in the mountains, having her there when our future babies are born, raising kids together, growing old with one another.

and i have to let that go. because it’s not going to look the way i planned.

and quite frankly, i’m having a really hard time with that.

yes. duh. plenty of people don’t live near their sisters, and they’re still living and breathing. but have they had a taste of how wonderful it is? to share life together in this way? it’s a tease i tell you. once you know how good it is, it’s a lot harder to imagine any other way.

so i’m giving myself permission to be sad. to grieve. because this is my reality right now. i can’t talk myself out of how i feel, and i’m not ready to put it in perspective.

even if that makes me selfish and immature.

yes i know. i know that life is always better unplanned and when there is room for the unexpected. that sharing life together isn’t limited by geography. i know that a new, wonderful season awaits us both. but i’m not letting go without squeezing every last ounce out of this one.

because it’s been a really, really good time of life.

so the next two weeks will be a long goodbye. not just to my sister, but to the future i held on to too tightly.

and when it’s time – i’ll let my head speak to my heart, and i’ll begin to let in those words. the ones about everything being OK and for the best. and i’ll be happy and supportive. a little less selfish and little more mature.

and then i’ll begin to solicit money for plane tickets to that place called DC.

cause that will be our new reality. figuring out a way to continue to share life together.

until then – i’ll be that girl with the red eyes and red wine.

love you saster.


dear mr hutch (again)

dear mr. hutch –

you’re gone. you left. just like you said you we’re going to.

the thing is – we didn’t finish our project.  you know the ol’ let’s give ms. bungalow a facelift? (aka ripping off the front of our house and replacing it.) i’d like to say we’re close to finishing but we’re not.

and now you’re off to make a difference in the world.

and i’m here – living in the white trash house on the block thanks to our half-finished project.

i’m not feeling sorry for myself. just simply stating the facts (because since we didn’t finish our project i don’t have much to blog about). and hoping our neighbors read the blog so they know why our house looks the way it does and that it’s temporary. but since they don’t know about the blog, i doubt they do.


i miss you already!



pssst – you know you’re in the midst of a project when your fireplace become a temporary tool shed. sigh…


a conversation in reference to my last post:

mr. hutch – “are you seriously blogging about that”

me – “yes, what’s wrong with it. this is great progress.”

mr. hutch – “so the blog’s dying?”

me – “ugh!”

what i wanted to say was – no mr. hutch – the blog is not dying. someone is just not doing any work around the house and therefore there is little to blog about! stop watching sports center american idol and put me up some trim!

which reminds me of another conversation some people had:

me: “are you ever going to work on the house again?”

mr. hutch “what is there to work on?”

me: “ugh!”


seriously mr hutch!? seriously? some promises were made by this guy this morning. we’ll see if and when they come true.

p.s. just in case you’re wondering what i’m doing around here (other than slave driving) after hours and hours of intense online shopping, i think i’ve found the perfect light fixtures. very excited – perhaps i’ll show them to you on my dying blog.



the renovating slump?

remember how i blogged on monday about wanting a productive week around bungalowhutch?

we haven’t worked on the house at all, nothing exciting has happened inside of bungalowhutch. the bucket of grout water is still in the hall.

does this happen to other people?! you buy a house that requires a lot of work, you work on it like a crazy person to get it to the point where you can move in, then you cease all work completely. it’s like an inspector showed and slapped a stop work order on our door.

i’m starting to wonder if there is such a condition known as the renovating slump?

i mean, i know i’ve had an excuse this week with the new justin bieber movie coming out and all, but still – i sometimes wonder if we’ll live with half painted walls, wires hanging from our ceiling, and digging through boxes to find things, as a way of life indefinitely. we certainly don’t seem to mind it now. worse, i feel like we’re starting to not even notice it.

so here are some solutions (seeing as i’d rather blog about the problem than actually deal with it).

*have lots of dinner parties with friends pretending to be world renown interior decorators, royalty, and the cast of grey’s anatomy**  to increase the amount of pressure i feel to work on the house. (we have some friends coming over for din din tomorrow night and i’m really hoping that grout water is gone…cross your fingers.)

*blog more about ideas for our house to get excited. tho this may backfire as it’s always more fun to daydream about what your house could look like than actually make it look that way.

* sell mr. hutch’s sports stuff (and some furniture we won’t use anymore) so we can have money to buy fun stuff to decorate. spending money will definitely make me more motivated.

side note: i just had an epiphany. the renovating slump came right around the same time that the budget was maxed out. coincidence? i think not…

*figure out a way to get mr. hutch to do everything. i think i know a few motivational tools that might work….

ummmmmmm – i’m fresh out of ideas and none of those were that good. do you have any?

just so you know – i also think i’ll start blogging about house and home. what do i mean by that? i don’t know… but if i don’t expand my subject matter and this renovating slump sticks around, the blog will really slow down and than i’ll never be able to quit my job.

we can’t have that now can we.

**yes i still watch that show and love it. it’s gotta be better than jersey shore and i know you watch that, so leave me alone.

hurry up

hurry up plumber man.  hurry up washing machine delivery man.

this is what my sink looks like with out you.


this what my laundry looks like with out you.

this is what my dog looks like with out you.

clearly i am not functioning very well this morning. why? because i can’t make coffee. why? because my french press is buried alive in those dishes somewhere.

mr. hutch & i tried performing surgery on the sink last friday night. it involved a plunger and a bucket. it didn’t work. so we jumped ship and left for vail – where things like stopped up plumbing have no relevance.

i’m mildly depressed to be back to a reality where that is no longer the case.

hurry up plumber!!

in other news. i plan to get my house in order this week. and by order i mean take care of the following things:

1. empty the three week old bucket of grout water in our hall.

2. do something with the tile sealer that is hanging out with our shampoo & conditioner in the shower.

3. attempt to un-wrinkle all of my clothes in our new steam dryer.

what happened to the days of tearing down walls and tiling entire bathrooms!?

good thing i also have plans for mr. hutch this week which include a heartier to-do-list… like finishing our diy dresser vanity in the bathroom, assembling furniture, and putting up more trim… did you hear that mr. hutch?

here’s to hoping i get some coffee and and a little order in this house. happy monday!

wake-up call

so we’re a little less white trash this morning as evidenced by the fact that there is no longer a sofa on our front porch.

the unfortunate part of getting the sofa into the house is that the process itself caused me to reconsider my vows to mr. hutch. it was a total disaster and i’m not exaggerating when i say it was the worst part of this whole experience to date.

i wish i had a video of the whole experience. it was awful. i was wearing wedge heals (that’s all i could find and mr. hutch wouldn’t let me wear his shoes) and the stupid thing was SO heavy and bulky and awkward to carry. i’d make it like two feet before we would have to set it down and regroup. mr. hutch was getting so frustrated with me (and my shoes) which only made my claws come up. did i mention it was a disaster?

needless to say we got the stupid thing in and i went to bed reconsidering my plans to replace it due to never wanting to have to move it again.  my sleep consisted of nightmares about the 239048 boxes that needed to be unpacked and so i woke up at 4a. i surrender to my insomnia around 5a and started unpacking boxes. the first of which was the espresso machine. i made an americano using very hot water from the bathroom sink (kichen is still not hooked up – hopefully today). it didn’t work that well but i was ecstatic to be making history at bungalowhutch with my first cup of home brewed coffee here. a giant victory.

this is why i woke up at 4a

4 hours later i’m feeling surprisingly chipper about the progress of our little bungalowhutch. if mr. hutch follows the strict orders he was given by a certain someone, we should be fluffing pillows in the guest room just as the mother-in-law arrives. exciting!

tada! do you love it?

don't be fooled. nothing is actually organized, it's just all thrown into the cabinets. but at least it's not in a box anymore!

other side of the kitchen. clearly we need to finish the painting and mr. hutch needs to get rid of those cords like he promised he would.

that cord hanging down will one day be an island hood - when i get over how much they cost.

i almost cropped the sofa out of this picture because i'm mad at it. i have problems.

welp there you have it. bungalowhutch to date. you likey?


this is going to be short and sweet because i’m crabby.  i want you folks to know that this renovating thing is not all rainbows and butterflies. sometimes it sucks.

like today.

mr. hutch & i met at the house at 10p (that’s right, 10p.) to rip up all the carpets.  now i can race over before work tomorrow to meet with the floor refinshing guy who apparently needs to actually be able to see the wood floors to quote us on refinsihing them. i think that’s lame, but i’m crabby so what do i know.

it was one of those days that started out long and just got worse. i don’t know if i’m nostaligic from the weekend  (i miss our friends. curses to the day we left boston*) if i haven’t switched over from vacation mode.  if i’m finally feeling the effects of trying to live out of someone else’s living room. or if we’re just too over committed and really have no business trying to squeeze in redoing a house to our already ridiculous life.

actually moving into bungalowhutch at this point feels like a marathon. we must be at mile 20 ’cause i’ve hit a brick wall and want to quit.

we have to cram getting a bunch of stuff done (which means working late at night) over the next few days because WE HAVE TO MOVE IN! if we don’t get in there this weekend, we might die we literally do not have time until february. and that is simply unacceptable. i’ll sell the stupid house if that’s the case. (sorry bungalowhutch, i didn’t mean that.)

i'm pretty good at being crabby

so that leaves us with options like ripping up carpet at 10 o’clock at night which makes for a crabby me. mr. hutch is a little crabby too. at one point i said i was over this whole remodel thing. he said he never wanted to do it in the first place. oops. i forgot about that minor detail.

here’s the thing. i know we’ll be so happy and so excited and so in love with bungalowhutch one day. today is just not that day.

oh and this is not an attempt for you to feel sorry for us. however you should feel sorry for my amazing sister and broinlaw who continue to put up with the world’s worst roomates (us). i’m going to pay them to physically kick us out so we HAVE TO MOVE IN.

there you have it. the not so fun day. the end.

i guess seeing these beauties makes me a little less crabby

tho i'm mad at them for needing to be refinished because it's going to make moving in take longer. why couldn't they have been in mint condition?

*disclaimer: i do love denver when i’m not crabby and feeling nostalgic.