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it was just as lovely

napa. it was just as lovely as i imagined it would be. we had a wonderful time. the only major bummer? i forgot my camera! so we have about a dozen instagram pictures to remember our trip by. check ’em out.

with the world’s loveliest ladies in san fran – erin & petra.
the adorable josephine
over the bridge to wine country we go
quick stop for lunch in sonoma on our way to napa. at the sunflower caffe. one of us deciding to sample the wine from the get go.
our first winery – buena vista – apparently the oldest winery
tasting at nicholson ranch winery on our way from sonoma to napa
exploring the winery – mr.hutch is hooked on the wine stuff and it’s only our second tasting.
dinner at uva in napa
our lovely hotel for the first two nights
at the oxbow market gathering picnic supplies to wine taste with
first stop – the tokolon tour at mondavi
we never quite got over the amount of vines
perhaps the only picture we have of the two of us, thanks to the awkwardness of having to ask someone to take your picture with you cell phone
pretending my iphone is my DSLR
handsome husband is extra handsome in the vineyard – you agree?

ok this is taking forever and apparently i have more than a dozen pictures. so the whole napa trip is going to have to come to you in multiple segments. stay tuned for more of our trip…


off we go!

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 i love wine, i love traveling, i love my husband.

 those are the main ingredients for the next five days, and i’m ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic.

we leave tomorrow, with a quick stop in san fran to see some of my most favorite people, and then off we go to napa valley where i’m hoping to be completely lost in the wonderfulness that is wine country.

and if i return, which is a big if, i’ll tell you all about it.

exploring the ‘hood with those friends

so we’ve been up to lots. as usual. and this past weekend was no different. we had some great friends come in to town. they’re also known as the deckards. others even call them matt and brittyru. mr. hutch and i thought long and hard about drugging them and forcing them to live here forever, but ultimately decided not to.

despite those naughty thoughts, we had a great time. especially on saturday night. that’s ’cause we went exploring in the ‘hood.

it all started with some other friends of ours – who are fabulously adventurous and live not too far. they had told us about this bar, actually i believe lounge is the appropriate term, also not too far from where we live. the horizon lounge to be exact. so when i got a text asking if we were up for a little taste of the “real park hill” i thought, the deckards are in town, perfect! i responded we were in and that we had outtatown friends tagging along. the response? “ok, but tell them no colors, no gang signs, and no backwards hats. i’m not trying to get stabbed on a saturday night.”

done and done and off we went.

i’m not going to lie. it was a little out of my comfort zone and the signage out front certainly added to the whole, “what am i getting myself into and where the heck am i!? – oh yea six blocks north of my house.”

i won’t even try and describe what the experience was like because i’m not that good with words and i’d rather you just experience it for yourself .

but -you should know by then end of the night we were chummy with the bartender, i found a new appreciation for fake red carnations used as decorating scheme, and i more than ever appreciated both our friends who get us into these adventures and the ones willing to tag along.

so deckards – tho i know we did a lot of other fun “normal” denver stuff (mountains breweries yada yada yada), you should know  you are probably the only guests here at bungalowhutch we would ever explore the ‘hood with. and that my friends is a compliment. so thanks for being those friends.

oh and come back to denver. duh.

pssst – about the picture above. no that is not us going to the horizon. it’s just the only picture i have of us from the weekend.