when is the baby coming??

i’m starting to feel sad about losing my bump soon. it’s really grown on me. no pun intended.

so to distract myself i’ve decided to start focusing on the arrival of the passenger. and what better way than some competition. my favorite.

and you are invited to compete. if you want to play, click on the link below. LOWEST score wins btw.

and what do you win do you ask? well i don’t know… a free weekend of getting to babysit the baby?? perhaps we still need to figure that out.


happy guessing! may the passenger’s favorite person win!

ps – the good news for you is i’m not sure i can cheat with this game. tho if there are ways i can, let me know…


About bungalowhutch

mr. hutch and i have taken on our latest adventure - redoing a 1920's bungalow in denver's park hill neighborhood. we have no idea what we are doing. follow along to see our progress. we're determined to see if we can jump on the DIY bandwagon and have the home of our dreams. with some help from our knowledgeable contractor friends, kidnapping tools from my dad's garage and stalking all the other DIY home blogs - what's the worse that could happen? View all posts by bungalowhutch

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